Chocolate Mayhem!


A foggy morning welcomed me back to school after a week of leisure. It was extremely cold. Luckily, I had a thick coat and gloves with me!

After the register, my classmates and I were surprised when Miss Javed, our class teacher, told us that the day would be a chocolate themed day! There would be no other subjects like Maths, Literacy or Science. Our day would be filled with designing a brand for our own chocolate. Then, in the afternoon we would be sampling seven different types of chocolate. What more could anyone ask for if they had a day filled with chocolate, chocolate and chocolate?Chocolate-Apps

When we were designing our chocolate brands, there were all sorts of names and ideas coming into our heads. The brand that I chose for my chocolate was called “Laffy Taffy”. I personally think that it is catchy and the chocolate that I would be selling was Taffy chocolate from America. Taffy chocolate is pink and chewy like bubblegum. The Laffy part means that this Taffy will make you laugh. It was very easy to think of the brand name, but when it came to tag lines, characters and designing the chocolate, it got really complex.  TwistedChocStrawBar2As I said earlier on, we would be tasting different types of chocolate in the afternoon. This was the part of the day that everyone look forward to. The first piece of chocolate that I put in my mouth sent me on a chocolatey dream. The flavours of the chocolate were:

  • Fruit and Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Rice Krispies covered Milk Chocolate
  • White Chocolate and Smarties
  • White Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Cookies and Cream

What is more perfect than to end the day by walking home with a piece of chocolate in your mouth? Today was really exhilarating. It’s probably a once in a lifetime experience!

p/s: Look out for Laffy Taffy when you go chocolate shopping next time! :))



*All images are taken from Google Image*

14 thoughts on “Chocolate Mayhem!

    • Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your support. I believe you are a teacher, right? I will be sharing more of my school experience from time to time. Perhaps it would be helpful for you and your students too!


  1. Mhhmmm! I want to be 9y/o again and have chocolate theme day too! I wonder what they taste like.

    And “The Pawsome Lion” don’t forget to brush your teeth =))

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  2. Dear Mukhtar,

    Wow! You just had your Willy Wonka moment over there! Always remember a catchy name will always grab attention. ‘Laffy Taffy’ definitely an excellent choice! Tasting chocolate during school hour must be fun!

    Good job young man! 😀

    Your OCD uncle’s friend.

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  3. Way to go muktar!! This is a very impressive work. I really enjoyed reading your blog, you have lots of great content. I look forward to reading more posts from you. ❤️❤️💕

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  4. MasyaAllah! I’m so pleased to have the chance witnessing your splendid progress TPL! Never forget that there’s a very loooong way ahead you, which surely comes with hiccups here and there. Never stop walking though and keep climbing up because the big journey starts with only one little step! We’ve all witnessed how hard you work for this. Never forget to thank Mrs Mom for all her helps, guidance and neverending supports. You’ve got the intelligence from her. Never forget to thank Mr Dad for all his hard work in raising you up. You’ve got the patience from him. Never forget to thank Allah s.w.t for all His blessings on you. May Allah safeguard you in every single step you take in the journey of your life. And we’re all here by your side. We’ll always be your pom-pom family 🙂

    p.s: I kinda like the Dr Auntie bit! Thanks…

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    • Well Dr. Auntie, there’s a reason why you are a Dr. You have left me the longest comment in history! I really appreciate:
      All your support,
      Your precious time which you spent on me every day,
      Your advice,
      Your ideas,
      Your suggestions,
      Your tips,
      Most importantly your love for me!
      I just wish that you could come to see us every week especially on your coming birthday.
      p/s: I’ll always be your boyfriend Masho! 😘


      • For some reasons, I keep on deleting my response to your reply on this post, cos your message have touched my heart in a way you can never imagine! I got so emotional and don’t know what and how to respond. I keep on reading your reply over and over again. Every word is so meaningful. And most importantly, it came from my own nephew. My first ever nephew! A nephew who used to call me ‘Mashol’ before. A nephew who will cry whenever he sees me crying. A nephew who will laugh like mad every time I make jokes, even a silly one. A nephew who will keep on talking and talking to me even though sometimes I don’t really get your stories. A nephew who will kiss me on my cheeks and my forehead for no reason. A nephew who loves me wholeheartedly and sincerely. Thank you Mukhtar. Only Allah knows how pleased I was when I first read the message you dedicated to me. Allah has given you such a beautiful heart. MasyaAllah. May Allah grant your wish and I’ll be at your doorstep soon.

        p.s. I love you Omar Mukhtar. Mamaji is my number 1 boyfriend, and you will always be my number 1.1 boyfriend. No worries, I have a huge heart! ♥ ♥ ♥

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      • Hello! I’m glad you like my messages. I can’t believe that I used to call you “Mashol”, I can only remember saying “apron” as “april”! Me, Little Miss Diva and Baby ‘A’ can’t wait to see you again. Bye!


  5. Assalam Mukhtar! Penulisey terbaik untuk umur 9 tahun! Ame Ipey banggo ado anok sedaro ado bakat dale penulisan ni sebab ambo pun minat menulis tapi menulis dale mimpi hehe…disebabkan mukhtar ada bakat nulih ni, ami ipey nok mitok tulong tulis lirik lagu tajuk “Laffy Taffy”. Btw..ameen miss you so much.. “Pawsome lion! You can run but not too far!” Hehehe
    Keep up the good work!

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    • Salam Ami Ipey. Well, Mummy translated your comment for me. Thank you very much for your support. I really appreciate it! I will try and write a song about Laffy Taffy especially for you! I miss Ameen and Umi Zura too. Wish all of you were here so that we can spend more time together. I hope that you will bring Ameen and his new baby brother to visit me soon. Do visit my blog again for more upcoming posts. If possible, let Ameen read it too!

      p/s: I like the name which you chose for your new baby, Luth! Just like Prophet Luth.


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