Scenario and Surprise!

Hey everyone! Today was a really busy day filled with exciting news. It all started when I first arrived at school.


We had already done the register and I was putting out some Maths resources on each table. All of a sudden, the fire alarm started to ring. As usual, people were running and shouting as they rushed to the door. Even though it was just to test the fire alarm and everyone knew it, people would still be panicking. Everyone except one person. That was me! I just casually trotted along to join the line and walked outside as if it was playtime. The only thing that got me out of my good mood was the rain. Finally, when the alarm stopped ringing, everyone was back to their normal self and sitting down in the classroom.

That was the busy part of the day. The other part of the day was filled with exciting news. Miss Hussain, the teaching assistant, wrote down the link to my blog on a piece of paper. This was so I could show my blog to Mr. Shephard, the principal of the school. I went to his office and gave him the link but he was busy so he couldn’t look at it yet. He said that after he checked it out, he would come and see me. So I carried on with my day and waited and waited and waited. By this time, I didn’t think that he would get back to me. I then told myself that it’s okay and that I always have tomorrow to see him.


Surprisingly, in the middle of our Literacy lesson, Mr. Shephard came to the door of our classroom and walked inside. He took a quick scan of the room and found me sitting at a table near the corner. He strode over to me, knelt down and whispered in my ear. He said that he had already read the blog and showed it to Miss Chesney, the English Leader, and Mr. Mould, the Computing Leader. Then he said that all three of them, Miss Chesney, Mr. Mould and himself, decided to start a Boys Only Writing Club. They would also be making a blog. And the leader of the club was…ME!!!!! :O


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A Boys Only Writing Club? Making a blog? And the leader was me? It was too good to be true! He then walked out of the classroom, leaving me in shock. I looked around the classroom and everyone was busy getting on with their work. I felt like I had just killed a lion! (Not The Pawsome Lion though!) πŸ™‚

I had just got back to my work when both Miss Javed and Miss Hussain called me. The moment I turned around, they both screamed with happiness. Then they told me to go to them and asked me what Mr. Shephard was talking to me about. I told them the “PAWSOME” news and they were both so proud. Miss Hussain even hugged me. I can still remember the last word from Miss Javed, “Great Mukhtar, now all you have to do is just say that Miss Javed is amazing!” πŸ˜€

I’m so lucky to have two “AWESOME” teachers, a “MORESOME” school with a “PAWSOME” Principal and my fantastic friends! Not to forget, my supportive and enthusiastic Mr. Dad and Mrs. Mom. I feel so grateful and honoured to get this amazing opportunity. A huge thank you to the people who made this possible: Mr. Dad and Mrs. Mom, Little Miss Diva and Baby ‘A’, my grandparents, my uncles and aunties, my cousins, Mr. Shephard, Miss Chesney, Mr. Mould, Miss Javed, Miss Hussain and to all my teachers and friends in Moseley (old school) and SHP!

p/s: Mr. Dad’s big smile + Mrs. Mom’s happy tears = PRICELESS!! πŸ˜€

*Source: Google Images*

10 thoughts on “Scenario and Surprise!

  1. We are the proudest grandparents to have such a great grandson like you, Omar Mukhtar. You make us feel younger now because we could never stop smiling to our ears!
    Our AWESOME..MORESOME…PAWSOME tears keep on flowing. It’s not a sad tears but a happy one. The tears of happiness! Keep on writing. Syukur Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah for His blessings and guidance.
    Lots of love,
    Dada & Dadi.

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    • Hi Dada and Dadi! Thank you so much for your continuous support. I really appreciate it. Not to forget, a zillion thank yous for the ears that you lent everyday to listen to my never-ending stories. Sometimes I can’t wait till tomorrow and had to call you when its already passed midnight in Malaysia. It’s so great to hear from you. I really miss you. I will keep on writing so you will always be updated.

      p/s: When will you come and visit me again? πŸ˜€


  2. Hi Mukhtar,
    We have just read your blog and love it! Some children in Hazel class want to leave some comments:
    Amaan- ” WHAT A ROARSOME POST!!!”
    Darell- “That’s the best blog so far!”
    Muhammad- ” Thanks for keeping us updated!”
    Aryan- “Love the lion picture”

    We are looking forward to your next blog! πŸ™‚

    Miss Javed and Hazel class πŸ™‚

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    • Hey Hazel class! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it!
      I’m glad that you think that my post is ROARSOME, Amaan.
      Thanks for the compliment, Darell!
      I’ll always keep you updated, Muhammad.
      It’s great that you love the lion picture, Aryan.
      Keep coming back for more PAWSOME posts! :))


  3. Hey TPL. I would say that this is one of the best pieces of writing you’ve written so far! I seriously enjoy reading it, especially the part where you’ve ‘killed’ the non-pawsome lion. Wow your story have got a great climax now. What a well developed progress young boy!
    Quoted from your writing: “I then told myself that it’s okay and that I always have tomorrow to see him.” You might have not realise it, but you’ve included in your writing a very good lesson for the readers to learn. Patience! Not everyone has the capacity to accept or tolerate delays without becoming annoyed or anxious. You’ve been so patient in waiting and waiting and waiting, and hence after that suffering moment, Allah has rewarded you with wonderful news. Very well done TPL! Keep on inserting good lessons in your writing so that we could all learn from them! May Allah grant you goodness in life.

    p.s: Just wonder why you felt like killed a lion and not a tiger or leopard or jaguar or cheetah or panther?? Cos to be fair, they’re all from the same category…hehe πŸ˜€

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    • Hi Dr. Auntie! It’s so great to hear from you. Thanks for all your advice to help make my writing better. I really appreciate it. I’ll keep on writing lessons for people to learn from. I look forward to reading your next comment!

      p/s: The lion relates to my blog name so I thought that I could kill it! ;D


  4. Hi young man!
    I definitely enjoy your writing, it brings me back my childhood memories. Energetic, passionate, and playful. But I really like the rain part when I was young, like singing and dancing in the rain. Well I was in Malaysia back then, the weather there makes you really enjoy when it’s raining. Lol. Plus congratulations on being a leader of Writing Club! I am certainly positive you are gonna be a great leader and you totally deserve it!

    Keep on writing! I will always looking forward for your next post!

    Love from Poland,

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  5. Well done mokhtar! You have done remarkably well at such a young age. We believe that you are destined to make it big..
    Our best wishes are always with you.

    “To become a good writer you need to be a good reader”

    From Uncle Muhammad and Masi

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    • Hello Uncle M & Auntie Kawaii! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for all your support. I really appreciate it!
      I like the quote that you wrote. That’s funny, I like writing and I also like reading! πŸ˜€
      I hope to hear more from you.


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