It’s a No Post Day!

Today, a lot of things was happening at school. I was late for school because Little Miss Diva was having her diva moment and to top it off, the traffic wasn’t helping my situation. Then at school, the fire alarm went off 3 times, JLT (Junior Leadership Team) has started the poppy sales during lunch hours and Maths was MENTAL TORTURE! All this hubbub has made my head hurt so much!! I came home pale looking and feeling sick. šŸ˜¦

Unfortunately, today is a no post day because Mr. Dad wants to spend time with me watching The Apprentice which we recorded last night. Both Little Miss Diva and Baby ‘A’ are already in bed. I got to go now coz a treat from Mr. Dad is “calling” me… šŸ˜€

p/s: Thanks Mr. Dad for the tastylicious Chocolate Profiterole Gateau!

6 thoughts on “It’s a No Post Day!

  1. Assalamualaikum Omar Mukhtar (The Lion of the Desert)
    Awesome dude from Birmingham! Congrats! There is a saying, ‘Writers are made, not born’. At such a tender age of 9, I can see that you are already ‘making’ to be a writer. Dadajee, Nanijee Mr Dad, Mrs Mom and especially Dr Auntie are all proud of their awesome budding writer. Omar, I like your style. Style in writing is one’s own. You can’t possibly mimic people.Your writing is vivid. Good use of adjectives. Gorgeous like…….. (you fill up with whatever your heart desires)! Sumptuous like (fill in the blanks with what you wish)!

    By the way, Pawsome Lion surely must be wondering ‘who is this bloke commenting on my blog?’ Well, for now, just call me mamajee or even dadajee. It is fine with me. Perhaps Mrs Mom’s sister could shed some light. He he he! Oh Dear! I am letting the cat out of the bag!

    Pawsome Lion Omar, go on kissing Mrs mom’s hands and saying salam to her before you leave for anywhere. And dude, don’t forget to do that to Mr Dad too. You would be blessed. Go on writing. Open up minds. You have heard that words are mightier than the sword haven’t you? Oh! I can’t agree more to that. To be a writer, you need to be a reader. reading opens up your thought horizons. You would become enlightened and would enlighten.

    Go … go on penning your mind awesome Pawsome Lion. For now, cheers and cheerio from dadajee/unclejee from the country that is famous for its mouth watering flavorsome budu, tempoyak, belacan not forgetting cencalok. …..and mee goreng, rojak, nasi kerabu la lal la…..


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    • Hi unclejee! Thank you for your support. I appreciate it so much. I’m glad that you like my writing.
      I have to say that I’m super duper impressed and gobsmacked reading your comment! It’s definitely the longest comment in history (even longer than Dr. Auntie’s!)
      I’m surprised how much you already know about me. It’s like I’m your adopted son šŸ˜€
      I heard that you are a PAWSOME educator! I look forward to get to know you more.
      I hope to hear from you soon.
      Bye! šŸ™‚

      p/s: I feel honoured to receive such a PAWSOME comment from someone that I’ve never met before.


  2. Assalamualaikum my dearest grandkid Omar Mukhtar…..Atuk, Anek and family in Malaysia are very proud of you for a series of unbelievable achievements you have attained at your age….bravo….you are brought up in a foreign country alien to your parents’ native country Malaysia is something beyond our thought…however keep it up….your recent achievement selected by your school to represent as student council meeting is great honour…thanks to Allah…my little advice…show your credibality as a muslim student in term of good moral character and attics…we muslim are good to all mankind regardless of races and religion…we are not terrorist or extremist as branded by certain people…we love each other and treat like brothers and sisters especially in a neighbourhood community…our faith and believe is One God Allah…He is the Most Merciful and Sustainer…l advise read more books on islam but always get the guidance from your parents and islamic scholars just to make sure you get the right teaching of islam….last but not least we pray for your success in every endeavour in your future life…but not to forget do always remember Allah and respect your parents…Wasallam
    Congratulation Omar Mukhtar!

    From your beloved Atuk, Anek and Ihsan Family.

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    • Salam Atuk, Anek & The Ihsan Family!
      Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I’m glad that you’re proud of me. I feel really motivated. Your support has made me want to spread my wings wider to gain higher achievements in life. Thank you for all the advice you’ve given me.


  3. Just wonder…have u got your new pair of shoes…dont let your toes peeping out gazing the blue sky just like tortoise craning its shell…u may get frost bite since winter is just round the corner….cheers…wasallam…

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