One Stepping Stone At a Time

I recently launched my own magazine called KAKKOII back in September 2015. KAKKOII is the Japanese word for COOL. I did 3 volumes on KAKKOII until me and Mrs. Mom thought that it was all too much for us because:

  1. It’s time consuming because I have to think of the theme, then make a cover page, typed all my writing, print it out, cut it, paste it onto paper to make the magazine, design it, colouring, etc.
  2. It took up most of my time because everything was handmade.
  3. I struggled to do it with Little Miss Diva around because she was jealous of me and wanted to make her own magazine too. Don’t even get me started on Baby ‘A’.
  4. People at school didn’t have time to read it.
  5. If people wanted to read it, I need to go to Miss Chesney and photocopy the latest issue then distribute it to every class in the whole school. (there goes my lunch break) 😦

Because the magazine was popular at school and everybody likes it and looked forward to it every week, I decided to find a replacement. FYI, I’ve been writing at a very young age. I have a lot of stuff which is writing related like poems, stories, comics, business plan for my dream T-shirt boutique etc. On top of that, I still have my paintings, drawings, art models, origami pieces, my traditional Malaysian “Batik” painting, and 1001 other stuff too! Mrs. Mom said “The Pawsome Lion, you are officially the first hoarder lion in the world!”

So, me and Mrs. Mom got to thinking and we thought that there was not a better solution to solve my hoarding problem then to start a blog. PlusΒ the blog was open to everyone, not only those in my school but to the whole world. People could access it whenever they wanted and I don’t have to hand anything out to anyone. I just sit down with Mrs. Mom and get on with it. The best thing about my blog is that all my writing will be kept safe forever!

Since the magazine was already a hit (at least I think so) πŸ˜€ I’ve decided to keep most of the ideas in KAKKOII for my blog. In the near future, you’ll be seeing more stuff like:

  • PAWSOME Jokes
  • PAWSOME Facts
  • PAWSOME Quotes
  • Oh My Language
  • Fun-Ville!
  • Books4Brains
  • Popcorn Time
  • A Piece of Cake
  • Tastylicious
  • The Mini Critic
  • An Apple A Day

And lots more PAWSOME topics! From time to time, I will also be sharing my previous work which I like the most. Don’t worry, I won’t end up posting all of them! I PROMISE πŸ˜‰

It has been 5 days since I first started this PAWSOME blog. It’s proven that the decision to shift from KAKKOII to blog is all worth it! Even though many people was against the idea of burying KAKKOII in the first place, I can now assure that they will change their mind. Reading my blog has become a daily thing in Hazel class. How KAKKOII is it to have a ROARSOME friends like mine? πŸ˜€

(5 Dojo Points to Amaan for the word ROARSOME!) πŸ˜‰

‘Till next time peeps! Have a PAWSOME weekend.

p/s: R.I.P KAKKOII 😦













5 thoughts on “One Stepping Stone At a Time

  1. Assalamualaikum Umar Mokhtar

    Hi there!
    I was still tucked in my bed when the ‘ting’ sound on my mobile alerted me of an in coming mail. But slumber got the better of me until dawn prayer. Wow! The Pawsome Lion had read my comments and he replied! Elated I am! A writer of a blog replied my comments. Thanks Umar.
    Well, uncleji may not be able to comment so long each time. He he he he…..
    Hey Pawsome Lion! Do not be disheartened by having to let go KAKKOII. Times have changed my dear. In those days, we did not have technology. Did we? So we wrote on paper. Bound them into books. Our dreams were based on hard copy reading materials (not that hard copy materials are not good). However, times have changed. Move on. You need to spend time on many more things. So, take advantage of technology to facilitate your writing. Make your passion anytime any where with technology at the end of your fingers. You have taken the right step. Bravo!

    You can still put your cutting and pasting skill for The Diva and baby A though! he he he.

    By for now
    p/s Salam to Mr Dad and Mrs Mom…….and to Dr Auntie staying down below. By the way, you can be my adopted son. Will you give me a kappe tea if I come over???

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  2. Hey little buddy! Yeah I have indeed witnessed all kinds of writing you did in the past – poems, short stories, business proposals, jokes, songs, etc…just name it! And prior to that, when you were at the age of 2++ (before you even knew how to write) you have expressed your passion in writing through drawings. Do you remember how you use to draw a step-by-step instructions on how to swim? Instead of writing out the instructions, you creatively drew all the instructions on how to swim in Step 1, 2, 3. Amazing! The step-by-step drawings were really your forte at that time. Mrs. Mom and I both witnessed all sorts of step-by-step drawings from you, one after another….phewww! And look at how far you’ve progressed now! MasyaAllah.
    You know what TPL, you actually wrote something I did in my PhD thesis!!!! In simple words, my research was on how people share their knowledge with one another (i.e. knowledge sharing), where you will come across people who (for some reasons) like to hoard their knowledge and store it away (i.e. knowledge hoarding). And today I actually read a real-life example of knowledge hoarding in your writing! I’m glad you’re no longer a ‘lion’ who hoard your works (i.e. your knowledge), but the PAWSOME lion who is willing and happy to share your works with everyone through your blog. As said by Imam Ali r.a. – “The rare a thing, the more its value increases, except knowledge: the more diffused it is, the more valuable”. May Allah grant you good understanding.

    p.s: Keep on spreading your KAKKOIIness through The Pawsome Lion blog! πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Dr. Auntie! I can’t remember all the things that I did so that means that I don’t remember the swimming instructions that I made but I still believe you. I’m happy that I’m not a hoarding lion any more. I hope you can visit me soon!

      p/s: You are so KAKKOII, Dr. Auntie!!!


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