The Leader in Me


Leadership has always caught my interest since I was elected by my fellow classmates to be in the Junior Leadership Team (JLT) last month. Since then, I had been planning to write about leadership for the 4th volume of KAKKOII. So, I had been researching about this since October. I chose this topic because it is interesting and everyone can learn something from it. According to the Oxford Dictionary, leader means someone who leads or commands a group, organisation or country.


Leader vs Manager

The difference between leader and manager is that a leader has followers but a manager has small chances of having any. This is because a manager will say “Do it” and a leader says “Let’s do it”. According to Dr. Auntie in her ‘small lecture’ for me on this topic via FaceTime, if a manager and a leader were both on horses and they walked past a lake, the manager would force the horse to drink the water whereas the leader would inspire the horse to get it to drink the water.


Leaders: Born or Made?

Now, time for a question which people have been debating about for decades: Are leaders born or made? No one has been able to find out the answer to this dilemma. It is just like the chicken and the egg, which one comes first? No one knows! 🙂 On my opinion, I think that a person was made a leader, it is through learning that he/she could ever become a good leader. They need to polish themselves before they can become one.


Leaders of The World

There are thousands of inspirational leaders all around the world, either in the present day or in history. Here are some that I personally think are the best!

One of the great leaders which has caught my attention is Winston Churchill, who used his ‘words as weapons’. Dr. Auntie had shared a very PAWSOME article written by Jessica Talarico. The article was about how Churchill led Britain to victory in the Second World War. According to the article which I’ve read, Churchill’s speeches were the most powerful ones in the world. His words were heroic and human and had humour inserted in them too. They were heard by everyone in Britain and reached out to everyone in the world( Somehow, I feel connected to Churchill as writing is also my weapon and the same like Churchill, I love to insert humour in my writing too! Well  at least, I always think that I’m funny 😀


Another great leader which has really inspired me was Nelson Mandela. He was the one that freed South African people and stopped them from getting racially abused. He was the president of South Africa. He was born in 1918 and died in 2013 at the age of 95 ( Have any of you watched the movie “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”? It is a movie about the life of Nelson Mandela and it is really motivational. I really enjoyed watching it with Mr. Dad. If any of you PAWSOME peeps get the chance, do watch it!


You might not know it but Mr. Shephard, our principal, is also a leader. He is the principal of two schools, SHP and George Betts. He is passionate about both of them. He tries hard to keep us happy. He’s always looking out for us no matter how busy he is. I must say that he is the most PAWSOME leader I have ever met!


The last leader that I have picked is Mulan. Remember the movie Mulan which was made in the year of 1998? I wasn’t even born yet. 😀 She may not be real (as some people say) but somehow, I saw her as a great example of a leader! Whenever I think of leader or leadership, Mulan has always came into my mind. From a woman who sat at home weaving away at her loom, she was brave enough to join the army and fight in a war. She even won the war for them. While I was doing my research, I found out that the movie Mulan is related to a woman called Hua Mulan. I don’t know whether it is a coincidence or not but she was the first woman warrior to ever fight in a war (Wikipedia). Mulan is remembered in lots of different ways like songs, poems and plays/movies. Here is a verse out of a peom about her:

The Ballad of Mulan

Click click, and click click click,

By the doorway Mulan weaves.

When all at once the shuttles cease,

A sigh is heard with solemn grief.

“O my daughter who is on your mind?

O my daughter who is in your heart?”

“I have no one on my mind,

I have no one in my heart.

But last night I read the battle roll,

A roll consisting of twelve scrolls.

The Khan is drafting an army of awe,

My father’s name on each beadroll.

Alas Father has no grown son,

Alas Mulan has no elder brother.

But I will buy a saddle and horse

And join the army in place of Father.”



The people in Junior Leadership Team (JLT) are also leaders. Well, kind of. These people were elected by their class and are trusted by them. They try hard to think of ideas to make the school a better place. I am one of them and I hope that I will be able to fulfil my duty as a leader. I have also been chosen to represent my school, along with Nimat, at the Student Council Meeting which will be held on Thursday. This meeting is a pupil forum consisting of 2 pupils elected from each of the local schools. We will be discussing local issues and make decisions about how to help improve the local community. Remember when I said earlier that a leader needs to be polished before they can even become an actual leader? Well, this meeting might be my chance to be polished! Just like Mrs. Mom said, all leaders need training. They need to go through different phases of their life before they can become a leader.


Now that I know more about leadership, I personally think that leadership should start from home. If I want to learn, then I need to successfully lead Little Miss Diva first! 😀 Even she has her own building leadership qualities. Because of her character, it is hard for me to lead her. She is very challenging even though she’s not even 2 years old yet. However, I have my own tips that I would like to share with all of you:

  1. When I started my magazine, I let her have one too. I made it look real and even came up with a name for it. Mine was KAKKOII, hers was KAWAIIKIDZ.
  2. Whenever I finish a project, I always present it to Mrs. Mom. Before I start mine, I let her present hers first.
  3. When I started this blog, she kept on chanting “blog, blog, blog”. So what I did is to let her have her own imaginary blog by talking about her blog to her and everybody else all the time.

I’d love to stay up and talk about Little Miss Diva all night long but my bed awaits me. So, I think those examples are enough to show my leadership style.


My responsibility doesn’t stop there as on Mrs. Mom’s side, as the 1st grandson, I need to set a good example not only to my brother and sister but also to my cousins. They always look up on me in everything I do. I wish that one day, I will become an exemplary leader to them and to the world!

p/s: I hope this article has helped you learn a lot more about leaders and leadership. Happy leading!!

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15 thoughts on “The Leader in Me

  1. Dear Umar,
    On the question of are leaders made or born, unclejee’s two cents is that they are made. Look at yourself. Is your writing ability born with you? Try answerong honestly. You have to do research, read a lot and look at how other people write. All that polishes your writing ability. Similarly, leaders to have to be made. They need to have the desire to lead. In leading, there is satisfaction because you put your heart and soul into it. You try to give solutions. You facilitate. You motivate. You do not simply boss around. That is a MANAGER not a LEADER. Umar, if you want to be a respected leader, always remember to say ‘thanks’ , ‘sorry’ and make daily wishes. For example, when you see your subordinate, say ‘good morning’. When you want help say ‘ I am sorry to trouble you but please help me….. And when something is fulfilled, say ‘thanks’. A leader who practices this will be loved. Trust me.

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  2. Well done Umar, I am so inspired by your writing! I would agree with your unclejee..that a leader is made, or at least nurture rather than born. Human being are born equal, and those who stretch themselves more would achieve better in life! So do you. There’s nothing impossible. I believe that you are ‘a leader in making’. You have a lot of leadership qualities – brilliant, creative, full of determination and motivation as well as love to inspires people. All you need is just consistency and persistency in what you are doing. There’s also something that I would love to add – ‘a good leader will breeds more leaders’. So, continue to inspire people around you. Start with the low hanging fruits first – inspires and lead people surrounding you (exactly what you’re doing now), set your short term and long term goals and plan on how to achieve it. Always reflact on what you have did to improve yourself. Accept your hurdles as challenge – there’s always blessings in disguise, it’s all depend on your perception (remember there’s always two sides of coin) – a leader will turns threats into opportunity, and weaknesses into strength. Lastly, i wish you all the best and keep on writing! May Allah bless you.

    P/s: i would recommend you to wath ‘TedTalk’ in youtube as there’s always good ideas coming from them about leadership and such. I’ll wait for you to appar there one day. Good luck!

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    • Hi Auntie Amizan! Thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate it. I’m so glad that you and unclejee agree with me. Yes, you are right. All human beings are born equal. I’m happy that you think that I’m a leader in making. I’ll try my best to improve my leadership skills. I must agree with everything that you say. It is all so true. Mummy said that you were doing a PHD so I would like to wish you good luck. If you get the chance then please let your children read my blog! I wish we could meet one day. I look forward to hear from you soon!

      p/s: Thank you very much for all the tips!


  3. Hey TPL! On one hand, as your auntie, I’m so pleased that we actually share similar interest on this one topic, i.e. leadership! On the other hand, as your big fan, I would say that my view is slightly different from yours – leaders are made or born?? Your viewpoint is that a person was made a leader. In contrast, I would say a truly authentic leader was born with natural leadership abilities and desires. Let’s take YOU as an example here. Whether you realize it or not, you are actually born with a strong desire to become a leader. You have charisma, where you can charm and inspire people around you. You are a likeable person, where you tend to have your own ‘followers’. Can you see the natural ‘leadership’ gifts that you were born with? However, it is very important to polish one’s talent – I completely agree with you on this one! Without learning, one can become a good leader, but may not be as effective. Good leaders are those who inspire people, but effective leaders are those who can influence others to do what they want them to do. Let’s look at YOU again as an example here. You started off being a good ‘leader’ in handling Little Miss Diva – you have inspired her to be passionate in writing too! But as time goes by, you started learning more things – you then knew other ways to influence Little Miss Diva doing what you want her to do (like the magazine and even the imaginary blog!). You see that…you’ve changed from a ‘good’ leader to an ‘effective’ leader through learning! Although other people who are not born with leadership ability can always acquire the skills, I personally believe the truly authentic leaders are born before they can be made effective.

    p/s: I am so proud of you buddy. It’s a five-star writing!! 🙂

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    • Hi Dr. Auntie! I’m also very pleased that we share the same interest. I think that a leader is made but don’t forget, no one knows the answer. I’m so glad that you think that I have some leaders skills. We all have our own talents and qualities. Even Fatimah has some! I look forward to hearing from you again!

      p/s: I wish that I can hug you soon!


  4. Hi! Wow, I am truly inspired by this piece of writing. These question always come across my mind before and well, you answer it perfectly. Also, I like the fact that you explain why they’re your choice of leader especially Mulan, and trust me, what you wrote above is PAWsome! Keep on writing, may Allah bless you 🙂

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    • Hello! Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it.I’m a bit nervous about what people think because it was my first article. I’m glad that people like it. I’m hoping to do more like it in the future. Keep coming back for more PAWSOME writing!


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