Just another Tuesday…

Hey pawsome peeps! Today, I showed my blog to my PAWSOME class, Hazel. The only post that I got time to show them was the Laffy Taffy song. There was a video of me singing it but unfortunately, it didn’t work. Because of this, I had to sing it live! ๐Ÿ˜€ Before I even sang it, Miss Javed said “I think that I’m going to cry!” because she was so excited to hear me sing it. While I was singing it, Miss Hussain was waving her arm around like she was in a concert. When I finished singing it, everyone clapped and cheered. I felt so grateful to everyone in the class and extremely honoured to be clapped at by my own friends.


Then, after all the wildness, Miss Javed gave me another challenge. Another challenge? My God, everyone wants to give me challenges now!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, Miss Javed said, ” Your next challenge is to write a PAWSOME rap about the whole class and make sure you mention every child’s name. Don’t forget to say PAWSOME things about them!” I was left standing there gawping as if a bee had stung me. It’s impossible to write a rap about the whole class and include every single child’s name! But if I can manage to write a song about Laffy Taffy, then I can manage to do this. If I keep trying and trying, I can surely make it.


So I went home, told Mrs. Mom about my day, called Dr. Auntie as usual and asked Mrs. Mom why the video wasn’t working. She then said that she didn’t know why it wasn’t working but she created a PAWSOME YouTube channel for the The Pawsome Lion!! How cool is that? I was so surprised when I heard this. So now I need to remember to tell my class to check out my YouTube channel so that they can watch the video of me sing The Laffy Taffy Song! So that was my day today. Come back tomorrow for more PAWSOME posts! See you! ๐Ÿ˜‰


p/s: B.T.W, if any of you tried to watch the video but it didn’t work, go and visit my YouTube channel! Simply just type in The Pawsome Lion Channelย into the YouTube search box and you can watch my video on there! Or simply click the link below


*Media Source: Google Image*


2 thoughts on “Just another Tuesday…

  1. Hello Pawsome Lion aka Umar Mokhtar.
    Each time i read your post I can’t help but to envy your writing. Well done dude!
    You sure got the flair for writing. Keep it up man.

    Kids your age usually spend time playing games and watching cartoons. And you are busy reading, researching and writing. Well, when you have passion in it then you would not feel it troubling you. However, make sure homework is done my son. He he he. I owe you a PAWSOME gift. One day InshaAllah….
    Cheerio for now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi again unclejee! Sometimes my writing does make certain people jealous. But, the challenge for me now is to turn that jealousy into motivation. Lots of people like my handwriting and (written) stories too. Some people even want my handwriting! I just wish that I could set a good example for them. I know that I shouldn’t aim too high but I like to dream big. I wish that one day I could change the world so that it could be a better place for the next generation. Now don’t think that just because I’ve got a passion for writing means that I don’t like games and don’t watch TV. I still like playing games and watching TV. I just need to use my time wisely so I will be able to reach my goals in life! ๐Ÿ™‚

      p/s: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to do my homework!


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