One Stepping Stone At a Time

I recently launched my own magazine called KAKKOII back in September 2015. KAKKOII is the Japanese word for COOL. I did 3 volumes on KAKKOII until me and Mrs. Mom thought that it was all too much for us because:

  1. It’s time consuming because I have to think of the theme, then make a cover page, typed all my writing, print it out, cut it, paste it onto paper to make the magazine, design it, colouring, etc.
  2. It took up most of my time because everything was handmade.
  3. I struggled to do it with Little Miss Diva around because she was jealous of me and wanted to make her own magazine too. Don’t even get me started on Baby ‘A’.
  4. People at school didn’t have time to read it.
  5. If people wanted to read it, I need to go to Miss Chesney and photocopy the latest issue then distribute it to every class in the whole school. (there goes my lunch break) 😦

Because the magazine was popular at school and everybody likes it and looked forward to it every week, I decided to find a replacement. FYI, I’ve been writing at a very young age. I have a lot of stuff which is writing related like poems, stories, comics, business plan for my dream T-shirt boutique etc. On top of that, I still have my paintings, drawings, art models, origami pieces, my traditional Malaysian “Batik” painting, and 1001 other stuff too! Mrs. Mom said “The Pawsome Lion, you are officially the first hoarder lion in the world!”

So, me and Mrs. Mom got to thinking and we thought that there was not a better solution to solve my hoarding problem then to start a blog. PlusΒ the blog was open to everyone, not only those in my school but to the whole world. People could access it whenever they wanted and I don’t have to hand anything out to anyone. I just sit down with Mrs. Mom and get on with it. The best thing about my blog is that all my writing will be kept safe forever!

Since the magazine was already a hit (at least I think so) πŸ˜€ I’ve decided to keep most of the ideas in KAKKOII for my blog. In the near future, you’ll be seeing more stuff like:

  • PAWSOME Jokes
  • PAWSOME Facts
  • PAWSOME Quotes
  • Oh My Language
  • Fun-Ville!
  • Books4Brains
  • Popcorn Time
  • A Piece of Cake
  • Tastylicious
  • The Mini Critic
  • An Apple A Day

And lots more PAWSOME topics! From time to time, I will also be sharing my previous work which I like the most. Don’t worry, I won’t end up posting all of them! I PROMISE πŸ˜‰

It has been 5 days since I first started this PAWSOME blog. It’s proven that the decision to shift from KAKKOII to blog is all worth it! Even though many people was against the idea of burying KAKKOII in the first place, I can now assure that they will change their mind. Reading my blog has become a daily thing in Hazel class. How KAKKOII is it to have a ROARSOME friends like mine? πŸ˜€

(5 Dojo Points to Amaan for the word ROARSOME!) πŸ˜‰

‘Till next time peeps! Have a PAWSOME weekend.

p/s: R.I.P KAKKOII 😦













It’s a No Post Day!

Today, a lot of things was happening at school. I was late for school because Little Miss Diva was having her diva moment and to top it off, the traffic wasn’t helping my situation. Then at school, the fire alarm went off 3 times, JLT (Junior Leadership Team) has started the poppy sales during lunch hours and Maths was MENTAL TORTURE! All this hubbub has made my head hurt so much!! I came home pale looking and feeling sick. 😦

Unfortunately, today is a no post day because Mr. Dad wants to spend time with me watching The Apprentice which we recorded last night. Both Little Miss Diva and Baby ‘A’ are already in bed. I got to go now coz a treat from Mr. Dad is “calling” me… πŸ˜€

p/s: Thanks Mr. Dad for the tastylicious Chocolate Profiterole Gateau!

Scenario and Surprise!

Hey everyone! Today was a really busy day filled with exciting news. It all started when I first arrived at school.


We had already done the register and I was putting out some Maths resources on each table. All of a sudden, the fire alarm started to ring. As usual, people were running and shouting as they rushed to the door. Even though it was just to test the fire alarm and everyone knew it, people would still be panicking. Everyone except one person. That was me! I just casually trotted along to join the line and walked outside as if it was playtime. The only thing that got me out of my good mood was the rain. Finally, when the alarm stopped ringing, everyone was back to their normal self and sitting down in the classroom.

That was the busy part of the day. The other part of the day was filled with exciting news. Miss Hussain, the teaching assistant, wrote down the link to my blog on a piece of paper. This was so I could show my blog to Mr. Shephard, the principal of the school. I went to his office and gave him the link but he was busy so he couldn’t look at it yet. He said that after he checked it out, he would come and see me. So I carried on with my day and waited and waited and waited. By this time, I didn’t think that he would get back to me. I then told myself that it’s okay and that I always have tomorrow to see him.


Surprisingly, in the middle of our Literacy lesson, Mr. Shephard came to the door of our classroom and walked inside. He took a quick scan of the room and found me sitting at a table near the corner. He strode over to me, knelt down and whispered in my ear. He said that he had already read the blog and showed it to Miss Chesney, the English Leader, and Mr. Mould, the Computing Leader. Then he said that all three of them, Miss Chesney, Mr. Mould and himself, decided to start a Boys Only Writing Club. They would also be making a blog. And the leader of the club was…ME!!!!! :O


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A Boys Only Writing Club? Making a blog? And the leader was me? It was too good to be true! He then walked out of the classroom, leaving me in shock. I looked around the classroom and everyone was busy getting on with their work. I felt like I had just killed a lion! (Not The Pawsome Lion though!) πŸ™‚

I had just got back to my work when both Miss Javed and Miss Hussain called me. The moment I turned around, they both screamed with happiness. Then they told me to go to them and asked me what Mr. Shephard was talking to me about. I told them the “PAWSOME” news and they were both so proud. Miss Hussain even hugged me. I can still remember the last word from Miss Javed, “Great Mukhtar, now all you have to do is just say that Miss Javed is amazing!” πŸ˜€

I’m so lucky to have two “AWESOME” teachers, a “MORESOME” school with a “PAWSOME” Principal and my fantastic friends! Not to forget, my supportive and enthusiastic Mr. Dad and Mrs. Mom. I feel so grateful and honoured to get this amazing opportunity. A huge thank you to the people who made this possible: Mr. Dad and Mrs. Mom, Little Miss Diva and Baby ‘A’, my grandparents, my uncles and aunties, my cousins, Mr. Shephard, Miss Chesney, Mr. Mould, Miss Javed, Miss Hussain and to all my teachers and friends in Moseley (old school) and SHP!

p/s: Mr. Dad’s big smile + Mrs. Mom’s happy tears = PRICELESS!! πŸ˜€

*Source: Google Images*

A hole in my shoe…

Today was going to be another same old Tuesday. I managed to get myself ready for school early which is very unusual for me. πŸ˜€

I said salam to Mrs. Mom, kissed her hand and walked to the door to put my shoes on. Mr. Dad walked past me to start the car. I grabbed my shoes, sat on the stool and…THERE WAS A HOLE IN MY SHOE!!!!!

I couldn’t believe it! It’s only been one half term and there’s already a hole in my shoe? Thank you MATALAN for the “great quality” shoes. Because of this, I had to wear my slip-on, casual shoes. So, I ended up going to school with a pair of navy blue shoes. Luckily, nobody noticed them.

Folio, Matalan Logo, 3

Enough about my shoes now. Every Tuesday after school, I have a Keyboard Club. Now don’t think that we were playing on computers because this is not that type of “keyboard”. πŸ™‚


Today we practiced a song that we learnt before the half term holiday. It was a song called “Lean on Me”. We only knew the first verse but it was already quite good. I don’t mean to brag but I was over the moon to be the star of the class! There was another star but unfortunately, he forgot about the club today. Fortunately for me, I got to be the only star of the class and teach the class on my own. For some people, being star of the class is not really a big deal for them but for me it is a BIIIG deal considering I don’t even have my own keyboard at home. The only keyboard that I have are those computer keyboards. πŸ˜‰ And yes, the stars of the class get to teach the class.

When the club had finished, Mr. Dad came to pick me up and I went home feeling honoured. Then I told Mrs. Mom about my day and as usual, called Dr. Auntie to update her too.

We all have a time in our lives where we stand out from everyone. This is my great moment. But, as Mrs. Mom always says, “It’s great to achieve something in life. But, the real achievement is how you set an example for people to follow your lead so that they can be successful too! Never consider yourself successful unless you’ve left a big impact in somebody’s life by helping them to climb up the mountain. Life is not all about yourself but how you help others.”

I say, “Together, we can REACH FOR THE STARS!”


p/s: Sorry Mr. Dad, new shoes please! πŸ™‚

*Source: Google Images*

Chocolate Mayhem!


A foggy morning welcomed me back to school after a week of leisure. It was extremely cold. Luckily, I had a thick coat and gloves with me!

After the register, my classmates and I were surprised when Miss Javed, our class teacher, told us that the day would be a chocolate themed day! There would be no other subjects like Maths, Literacy or Science. Our day would be filled with designing a brand for our own chocolate. Then, in the afternoon we would be sampling seven different types of chocolate. What more could anyone ask for if they had a day filled with chocolate, chocolate and chocolate?Chocolate-Apps

When we were designing our chocolate brands, there were all sorts of names and ideas coming into our heads. The brand that I chose for my chocolate was called “Laffy Taffy”. I personally think that it is catchy and the chocolate that I would be selling was Taffy chocolate from America. Taffy chocolate is pink and chewy like bubblegum. The Laffy part means that this Taffy will make you laugh. It was very easy to think of the brand name, but when it came to tag lines, characters and designing the chocolate, it got really complex. Β TwistedChocStrawBar2As I said earlier on, we would be tasting different types of chocolate in the afternoon. This was the part of the day that everyone look forward to. The first piece of chocolate that I put in my mouth sent me on a chocolatey dream. The flavours of the chocolate were:

  • Fruit and Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Rice Krispies covered Milk Chocolate
  • White Chocolate and Smarties
  • White Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Cookies and Cream

What is more perfect than to end the day by walking home with a piece of chocolate in your mouth? Today was really exhilarating. It’s probably a once in a lifetime experience!

p/s: Look out for Laffy Taffy when you go chocolate shopping next time! :))



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Hello World!

Hey pawsome peeps! I’m a groovy little man that is based in Birmingham, UK. You can call me “The Pawsome Lion”. I absolutely adore writing. It has been my thing since I was little. Everyone in my family has supported me and encouraged me to write, especially my dearest Dr. Auntie and my OCD Uncle! Because of my passion for writing, I have decided to start a blog. Since I am only 9 years old, me and my partner, Mrs. Mom, will be working together to make this blog a success! However, all the ideas and writing are a 100% completely my copyright. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

p/s: Don’t forget to leave comments!