Just Can’t Wait!!!


Hey guys! I’m afraid that I’ll have to keep today’s post short coz I’m still working on the article. But, I just couldn’t wait to tell you about my day! So, here goes…

Today, Miss Prince (Acting Vice Principal) finally gave all of the JLT (Junior Leadership Team) members what they longed for. Their brand new JLT black jumpers!!! Thank you Miss Prince! We now feel very gratified! The jumpers were black all over and were made out of cotton. The only other colour on it was just the school logo which was carefully embroidered with reflective gold thread. I must say, the logo was extremely shiny and almost looked like real, solid gold! And on the inside, it was so fuzzy! It almost felt like the fleece of a sheep! I am really looking forward to wear that tomorrow! 😉



Well, that’s all for today coz I have to get back to that article. But, I will hopefully see you soon for another PAWSOME post! TTYL!


 *Media Source: Google Images*

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