8 thoughts on “The Secret Ingredients of Education…

  1. Salam Omar,
    I noticed earlier on from your family’s instagram account but I just didn’t mention it: what you were doing, creating characters for Fatimah, Ali and your parents, is branding. And engaging followers are also a big part of maintaining a good brand. Even the repeat post / introduction on who is Pawsomelion, your blog link etc, is branding. I thought it was something you just did but sounds like you are well-planned after all. 😀 Kudos for that.

    It’s very true about parents playing a role. Unfortunately nowadays, that’s not the case. To make matters worse, teachers are sometimes harassed and shamed for disciplining / teaching their child, something that they themselves should have done at home.

    Time to start changing the world. One article / step at a time. 🙂


  2. MasyaaAllah Tabarakallah..u guys are just awesome!!Adorable!!Really a good example for our new gen n for young moms n dad…Barakallahufeekum..


  3. My first time reading your blog and it is awesome. Thanks a lot for your sharing.
    May Allah shower you and your family with His blessings. 🙂


  4. Salam omar,
    MashaAllah, this is my first time reading your blog.. this particular post really hits me as a parent.. thank u so much!! its a wake up call for me to polished myself towards a better parent!!! thank u sayang aunty..


  5. when i read your thoughts, i thought of someone who’s ventured life & done plenty of incredible things. your age doesn’t match your thinking & writing. you’re up there Pawsome. your parents must be so proud of you & grateful too. I wish you the best. keep amaze us and keep being humble yet confident at the same time.


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