Day 1 Of Distance Learning…

Today is officially the first day of school closure here in the UK 🇬🇧 But at the same time, the majority of the schools here are still open to help look after the children of the front-liners and the key workers – how noble! We’ve had our first live English lesson from home. So far, it’s gone well, and though we’ve had to overcome a few technical difficulties, hopefully all the rest of our lessons will be as smooth as this one. Even though we are staying at home, we still have to follow the normal school timetable and attend the online distance learning classes. Not all of the lessons will be live, though; we’ll have set work most of the time. Thank you to all teachers who’ve been working hard to keep on educating children despite the schools being closed. We will try our best to cooperate and liase with the normal school timetable. Right now, I’m looking forward to my next live lesson – Maths!

Stay safe,

Omar Mukhtar

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