Day 2 of Covid-19 Distance Learning…

This is me working together with my friends in a live lesson to complete our artwork. Even though we’re in the comfort of our own homes, it still feels like a normal school lesson, with me working side by side with my classmates to complete the task.

Both teachers and students have been resilient with this new online learning. To start the day off, we had a live Drama lesson, and everyone was unsure about how well it would work. But in fact, the live lesson went really well – we learnt a lot from the teacher and we even managed to work together in real-time and write our own scripts in small groups!

Looking back at it all, I’ve realised how lucky we are. Despite not being able to go to school, we’re still having full 7-hour school days and not missing out on our education. In fact, they’re exactly the same quality as normal school lessons! It really makes me see how fortunate we are to still be blessed with good health and the ability to learn, even amid all the chaos in the world.

But honestly, all thanks should go to the teachers, as they’re the ones who’ve put all the effort into making this the best experience possible! I pray not only for the safety of all our friends around the world, but for the health of those front-liners and key workers who haven’t given up fighting the battle against coronavirus. May God bless you all!

Stay safe,

Omar Mukhtar

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