Ramadhan 2020 In Lockdown…

The Covid-19 lockdown has brought to light many of the things we all take for granted, and one of those is spending time with the ones we love. Being in lockdown inevitably means that we’re with our family 24/7, and perhaps for some of us, it gets a little bit hectic! Most parents have to work from home and homeschool their children all at the same time, and that can get pretty bustling really quick. But as the weeks go on, I believe that we’ll learn to appreciate each other’s company, and make the most of the time we have together.

The start of the Summer Term has also brought upon us the start of Ramadhan. Last year’s Ramadhan marked the time when the whole family lost a piece of ourselves as our beloved Mamajee passed away. And this year, we’ve been thrown into another confusing, extraordinary situation! Thoughts are racing, the mind is blurry…but Ramadhan is the month of piety and reflection, and during this current pandemic, when we are all sat at home, Ramadhan could not have come at a better time for us to practise this! This lockdown has given me plenty of free time, so for this year’s Ramadhan, I’d like to use that time not only to strengthen my faith, but to do some serious self-reflection, and, most importantly, to value the family time I have been blessed with by Allah to start the holy month of Ramadhan!

Ramadhan Mubarak,

Omar Mukhtar

The Creative Teachers Of Lockdown!

A lot of lessons have had to compromise in some way or another due to both the lockdown and the new online learning timetable. However, some teachers have managed to make it work just how it would have as if we were at school. One example of this was with our DT lesson yesterday, where the teacher set us a task: we were told to make a model of a mechanical dog toy out of card! I know, really exciting, right? I know all my classmates had lots of fun doing it, and so did I…even though my dog toy didn’t look exactly like a dog! Honestly, it’s a good idea to throw in interactive activities like this into the mix, coz it means that the continuous routine of online lessons doesn’t get too monotonous. Plus, we won’t be missing out on the experiences we would be having if we were at school. And of course, none of this would have been possible were it not for the effort and time the teachers put in to planning this task to treat the students! So all in all, yesterday was a very exciting, enjoyable day – something welcome to take our minds off the global crisis we are all going through together…

Stay safe,

Omar Mukhtar

First Online Assembly In KES History!

Yesterday was officially the start of our summer term, and normally, we’d be back in school, enjoying the sun and the flowers in bloom. But this time around, we were all sat at home, ready to start another day of learning from home. The lockdown has meant that we all witnessed the first online assembly that has ever had to take place in the school’s history! This is pretty big, and it pretty much is all the proof needed to show how big of an impact the coronavirus has on all of us. But despite the difficulties we’ve been posed with, we’ve still managed to keep calm and carry on.

For the new term, a new timetable has been given to us, with longer periods and less lessons in a day. In my opinion, I think this is much better than having 8 different lessons each day, coz working from home is quite difficult in itself. Giving more time for learning each subject in-depth means that it becomes easier for us to take in information. For example, yesterday, we only had 3 subjects – Drama, Art, and French – with two 20-minute breaks and a 50-minute lunch in between. 

So far, it’s gone well, and we’ve all adapted to our new timetable. Plus, we’re all much more prepared thanks to the practice week we had before the holidays! Hopefully, it will all go as easily as yesterday has in the future…

Stay safe,

Omar Mukhtar

Back To (Online) School!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t written anything for so long. I’ve been on my Easter holidays and for the 3 weeks, I decided to detox from my laptop, which is why you haven’t heard from me for so long. I got inspired by the letter our Chief Master sent out to us, where she told us all her plans for the 3 weeks, including learning to make her own ice cream and experimenting with cooking out of her comfort zone – fun!

So aside from helping Mrs Mom and Mr Dad with our homeschool, I’ve decided to give Fatimah and Ali some French lessons too, so their normal routine is livened up by something they wouldn’t normally learn. I myself have taken on some new languages to keep myself busy – Swedish and Irish Gaelic. Well, more Swedish than Irish Gaelic, to be honest!

Plus, since we are in lockdown, I thought it would be a good idea to bring some of the outside into the house! So that’s why I’ve been keeping myself occupied with the makeshift indoor garden I’ve cobbled together in the living room! Even my friend has been inspired to start his own indoor garden in his bedroom! So far, he’s got a cactus and a sunflower to take care of. It’s actually quite relaxing and fun to take care of all of them – plus, it compensates for the fresh air we’re not getting coz we get fresh air from the plants too! Other than that, I’ve been working on some more writing projects of my own too…

Many of you have wanted to find out more about my distance learning experience. Well, like I said, I have been on my Easter holidays these past three weeks. As much as we all enjoy an extended holiday, me and my classmates have all been eager for the start of term. We’ve all been missing each other, and we’ve been looking forward for school to start again. But since term officially starts tomorrow, we’ll be able to talk to each other again (online, of course).

And plus, I’ll be able to share more about my online learning journey! So starting from tomorrow, I’ll be back in the routine of having live school lessons and working together with my friends – all from the comfort of my own home, Alhamdulillah! Stay tuned for more posts from me, coz I’ll definitely be updating more about my online learning experience for the students, teachers and everyone else who are curious to know more about my e-learning journey.

Stay safe,

Omar Mukhtar

p/s: How have you been keeping yourself occupied in the lockdown?