My First UM Credit!

Alhamdulillah, I got my very first credit of the new academic year! This credit will build up towards my entry into the Liber Aureus, or in simple English, the Golden Book!

This is the art piece that I was given a credit for. Art is one of the two creative subjects that I chose, and this year, we’re starting with a portrait project. Our first task was to draw out a piece from a collection called ‘Falling’ by @claralieu. The series is a symbolisation of her mental health issues, and we’re taking the same approach as her by carefully studying the facial expressions and features of people.

We used two different media here for two very different effects: the left is done in graphite pencil, and the right is in watercolour pencil. This project is a very interesting one, and I’m looking forward to progress with this year’s work!

24 more credits to go,

Omar Mukhtar

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