BREAKING NEWS‼️ I was at school yesterday, and we were just about to finish our French lesson and head off to lunch when our Head of Year came in through the door and told us all to go to grab all our stuff, head to a specific room, and do nothing else. He didn’t tell us anything else, so we were all pretty confused, but we did as we were told. It wasn’t until everyone – along with a few other classes – had been herded into that one classroom that our Head of Year told us…one of our schoolmates had tested positive for coronavirus!

My year group has had to go into two weeks of isolation! Since a pupil has tested positive for coronavirus, to take the necessary precautions, we had to be sent home straight away at lunchtime yesterday. We’ll be keeping a close eye on ourselves and those around us, but luckily, none of us have developed any worrying symptoms – Alhamdullilah.

Of course, now that we have to stay at home for two weeks, we’ll be having online classes again, like the ones we had before the summer holidays. Nobody’s really looking forward to going back to all that, but now that we’ve had experience with online classes, we’ll be able to cope better.

Thinking back on it, it seems like every cloud has a silver lining, since now I’ll be able to spend more time at home and keep an eye on Mrs Mom, especially after that recent bad episode of hers.

All I can do now is go with the flow and wait patiently until we are able to go back to school. Until then, may God keep us all safe and protect us from any harm that comes our way…

Stay safe,

Mukhtar O. Mukhlis


#BreakingNews 😱

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