The Old Forge Cottage

Sorry, I’ve been missing in action…I’ve been busy juggling my online classes and helping Mr Dad with our new house for the six of us #TheOldForgeCottage 🏡 Yes, six…not five – including!

We bought the house together, but she has a whole separate building for herself. The property consists of four separate buildings: The Old Forge, the stables, the cottage, and the coachhouse – plus a massive backyard –  but the best part is that all four buildings are connected with one another. The property has a very rich history…but that’s a story for another time!

We’ve been extremely busy cos we are redecorating the whole house before we move in. But even though it’s been busy, it’s a precious journey and a wonderful experience for all of us to cherish forever. It’s still a long journey ahead but we are all beyond excited! May The Almighty ease our renovation journey…

Working hard,

O. Mukhtar O. Mukhlis


#TheOldForgeCottage 🏡

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