House Drama Victory!

Alhamdulillah…I was beyond blessed to win the school’s House Drama competition, coming in first place out of 8 houses! 🏆 And just in time for Mrs Mom’s birthday!!

To be completely honest, this year’s competition really did seem especially daunting due to the range of competitors taking part in the event. Pretty much everyone there was someone I knew to be a passionate actor, and to say they were all quite skilled is an understatement. The event itself was a colourful display of theatrical talent – even the teacher hosting it himself mentioned that it was one of the best arrays of drama performances he has seen in a while!

It fills me with a lot of satisfaction and joy to have taken home the trophy for my school house, but I can’t go without mentioning the well-deserving performances from the opposing houses – particularly the skilfully performed monologue by Vardy house, the cleverly undertoned skit by Jeune house, and the very well-costumed denim-heavy performance by Prince Lee house.

It was an honour to have competed in such a competition, and I’d like to give all the participants a huge well done for the amazing performances they put on! It was a really tough competition with so many talented performances, and I’m honoured to have been part of such a great array of skill. It brings me great pride to have been able to compete for and earn the prize for one of my favourite parts of school life. Congrats to all who took part – it was certainly a phenomenal event with lots of hard work put in from everyone!



p/s: Can you guess what character my costume is for? 🧐


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