Who am I?

I’m an 11 year old British born & bred blogger from Birmingham, UK. My aim is to encourage & support people to read & write. I wish that through my writing, I can inspire more people. My blog is a ‘genius-free zone’ as I believe no one is obliged to be a genius to be successful! For regular updates, just visit my family’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefamily.uk/

#togetherwecanchangetheworld #geniusfreezone


26 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. hello mukhtar,its Alisa your 13yr old friend from Qatar.
    I see that you are doing great with your posts, the whole paragraph about wau bulan was impressive for some kelantanese to have read-and others.
    Btw,congratulation on the achievement!
    keep writing and stay busy!👍😉💞

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  2. Hai mukthar! its jaja here from Malaysia. Your post are really pawsome! 😀
    Btw im a student and i need to do an assignment regarding asian food. I see some of your pics which is Roti Canai and Teh Tarik and im so attracted to it. Can i save those photos for my assignment? Tq and have a nice day 😉

    p/s: sorry for my bad english 🙂

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    • Hello! Sorry I missed your comment. I know that this is a very late reply but I would just like to say thank you for your PAWSOME support! It is very kind of you and I appreciate it a lot! 😀 By the way, your English is not bad at all!


  3. assalamualaikum. hye mukhtar. just wanna let you know that you are such an awesome brother to fatimah and ali. 🙂 keep talking kelantan please. you guys sounds so cute when speaking kelantanese dialect

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    • Salaam! Thanks a lot for your kind words and PAWSOME support. I really appreciate it! My parents always encourage us to preserve our mother tongue in the house. They also encourage us to learn new languages.


  4. Hi Mukhtar! This is tasneem from Malaysia. An aunty mayb 😛 😛 Just found your blog and cant wait to read each of your posts! Good luck for everything!

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  5. Assalam mukhtar!im afiqah from kelantan..your blog was very interesting and i really like it ..how long that you take to do your story..sorry for my bad english language..assalamualaikum


  6. Hey Mukhtar! Even you’re 10 years but you’re PAWsome! Love to read your writing and we here love it. Keep it up, dear. World needs you. Kemah keming rapak jik. From Aunt Mawar, KB Kelate, MAS.


  7. Hi Kiut Boy, Mukhtar! This is Auntie Anish from Malaysia. Just found your blog and it was very interesting. i cant belived your are only 10 years old. Wow!!!!
    keep writing dear and Good luck for everything!


  8. Hi Mokhtar, I’m from Kelantan too 😁. Found that your blog and your writing was awesome. When I knew that you’re only 11y/o, it really impressive. Even I am 19y/o I can’t write better like you did. You are the inspired to me


  9. You’re doing a great job with your blog Mokhtar! I love reading how you write and saw a heading which made me want to write again. So thank you, for today you’ve made a huge difference in my life 😊 All the best from us in Adelaide, Australia.


  10. I need to tell you this , i really fell in love with your writting at the first sight , i dont know why , but your words really inspiring me , i keep reading it on and on , non stop 😭 please keep on writing , keep it up and please dont give up , im wishing you for the best in your life ❤ take care


  11. Are u really 11 years old dude? your work is superb. I’m impressed. All the best for your future.. btw im from kelantan.


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  13. Hi mokhtar I’m solha from Malaysia. . i have been watching you from your family instagram thefamily.uk .. Your writing are super awesome and i impressive .. I hope you can wrote more in future


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