A Piece Of Cake: The Box in the Window-Part 6!

How’s it goin’ pawsome peeps! Since it’s the New Year, I’ve decided to treat you with Part 6 of The Box in the Window! Here it is…

“The Box in the Window-Part 6”


The room was shadowy and was only lit up by the light from the door.

“Have they gone?” asked Elizabeth, panting like a dog.

“I think so.” replied Benjamin.

All of a sudden, the door behind them closed by itself. Maria squealed as it hit the wall with a thundering thump.

“What was that?” quizzed Maria.

“I’m not sure.” said Benjamin, switching on the light. “Probably just the wind!”

The dim light revealed only a mouldy window, a table with old pictures on it and a strange looking box.


“Hey, isn’t that the same box the djinn was in?” said Elizabeth, pointing at the box.

“Wait a second, you’re right! That is!” said Maria.

“So that’s what closed the door!” said Benjamin.

Then, the box started to quake and vibrate. It made a buzzing sound on the table.

“What’s it doing now?” said Elizabeth.

” It appears to be making a blackhole and that’s not good!” exclaimed Benjamin.

“What? There’s always something fishy going on in this place!” said Maria.

The black hole was red and purple with a round pitch-black hole in the middle. Inside the hole was a long, thin, blue line of smoke that glowed and blinded Elizabeth’s, Maria’s and Benjamin’s eyes.


“Take cover!” shouted Benjamin as they got sucked into the black hole.

To Be Continued…


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A Piece Of Cake: The Box in the Window-Part 5!

Ho-ho-ho-how ya doin’ pawsome peeps? This Piece Of Cake will reveal the secrets of The Hall of Lost Souls…

“The Box in the Window-Part 5”


At the end of the staircase, there was a huge wooden door with a cold, metal keyhole. Benjamin took out a key from his pocket and put it into the keyhole. The door gradually opened up and revealed a large hall with statues of scary looking men and weird creatures. ‘Whoa!’ thought Elizabeth, ‘It’s huge!’.


“And this, ladies and gentlemen, is The Hall of Lost Souls!” said Benjamin, in a rather deep voice.

“What a dark place!” exclaimed Maria.

“Oh, come on, Mum! It’s not that dark!” scoffed Elizabeth. “It’s kind of cool to me!”

Screen shot 2011-08-28 at 9.55.48 PM.png

Their footsteps echoed as they walked around the hall. Then, there was a faint wail in the distance.

“Do you hear that?” asked Maria.

“Oh yeah, it’s like a child crying!” said Elizabeth.

The howls grew louder and louder. It sounded like there were two people making the noise now.


“This is bad!” shouted the shopkeeper. “Everybody run to that door!”

He pointed to a small door on the other side of the hall.

“What is it?” cried Elizabeth.

“The djinn, Acantha, has called one of his brothers!” said the shopkeeper.

“Help!” yelled Maria, frantically jumping around.

“Quickly, through the door!” said Benjamin.


All of them jumped through the door and into a different room…

To Be Continued…


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A Piece of Cake: The Box in the Window – Part 4!

Hey there pawsome peeps! In the next part of the story, you will find out what happens next when Elizabeth, Maria and Benjamin are included in an unearthly ghost attack…

“The Box in the Window – Part 4”


“What was that?” asked Elizabeth.

“It was probably one of the members of the djinn’s family.” said Benjamin, squinting because of the light from a small window.


“What, you mean that there are more djinns?” exclaimed Maria.

“Yes, but if you kill a djinn with a special golden blade like that, it can’t come to life again.” said Benjamin.

They all glanced at the golden blade on the floor, which was covered with blue, glowing blood. It looked very disturbing.

“Blue blood?” said Elizabeth.

“All djinns have blue blood.” said Benjamin.


“Oh, very interesting!” Maria laughed nervously. She wasn’t sure if she could stay around Benjamin any longer. She didn’t get all of the nonsense. “Crazy person…” she thought.

“Now, what other scary stuff do you have in this house of horror?” asked Elizabeth sarcastically.

“Not sure yet! You’ll just have to wait and see!” said Benjamin.

“Won’t anyone pick up that disgusting knife!” groaned Maria.

“Fine!” sighed Benjamin. He picked it up reluctantly and threw it on the table.


“Won’t you need that?” asked Elizabeth.

“Eh, it’ll find its way back to us.” said Benjamin.

Elizabeth and Maria rolled their eyes. Then they followed Benjamin and continued their journey.

“So what else is there to see?” said both of the girls.

“The Hall of Lost Souls…” whispered Benjamin. He walked up a small staircase…


To Be Continued…

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A Piece Of Cake:The Box in the Window-Part 2



Ahoy mateys! Welcome back to another Piece Of Cake with The Pawsome Lion. We are carrying on from the last Piece Of Cake called ‘The Box in the Window’. Read part 2 of the story below to find out what happens next. Happy reading! 😉

“The Box in the Window-Part 2”


All of a sudden, there was a bright, dazzling flash that blinded everyone. Then, dark shadows were swimming out of the box and into the room. An ear-piercing shriek made Elizabeth wince. After that, all the chaos stopped abruptly. Everyone was slumped on the floor. Elizabeth’s head was throbbing.

“What happened?” she asked.

“I’m not sure.” replied her mother.

The shopkeeper butted in, “I’ll tell you what happened.”

Both girls turned round and gazed at the shopkeeper. It was clear that they were interested in what he had to say.

“You have released a dangerous djinn that was resting in that very box.”

He pointed at the box which Elizabeth had opened.

“What do you mean?” questioned Elizabeth.


“A few years ago,” continued the shopkeeper, ignoring what Elizabeth had to say, “I found a strange box hidden in the storeroom. I took it to the till to see what it had inside it. At the same time, an old man wearing a dark red turban, almost a maroon type colour with gold patterns engraved on it came walking into the shop. Then he said, ‘My name is Aditi and I am from a secret service called The Lashkars of Sulayman. You have found the last djinn named Acantha. It is my job to make sure that none of the djinns escape from their miniature jails. In that case, do not ever open up the box and keep it safe.’ Then he left without giving anymore warnings or information.”


Elizabeth and her mother looked confused. They scratched their heads. All of this was too much to take in. ‘A djinn?’ thought Elizabeth, ‘Who would keep a djinn in a jewellery shop?’ For Elizabeth, it seemed weird and unrealistic. This couldn’t be happening.


“Ahh, I forgot one more thing. Come and follow me, the man left me a small, golden blade. I think you might find it interesting.” said the shopkeeper.

Elizabeth and her mother followed the shopkeeper into a tiny room.


To Be Continued…

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