5 Years Of Sparking Joy!

This is my brother, Ali Omar Mukhlis. He’s brought light and happiness into our lives for so long…and today marks 5 years since he was brought into this world and began showering us with joy!

Ali is more than just a brother: he is an amazing son that surprised Mrs Mom and Mr Dad – their very own #SurpriseNumber3! He’s a best friend that’s always fun to be around – even the rainiest days seem like summer with him. His smile, his laugh, and his joking personality all make him a lovely lil’ guy, but what’s most important is that underneath that cheekiness is a kind, caring heart that loves and keeps all of his family and friends close. In his own way, Ali manages to love us and make us the happiest we can be. And as he grows, his love only gets bigger…as well as his hugs!

Today, this fun-loving, family-minded, part-time artist and full-time foodie officially turns five years old! In truth, it feels much longer than that – the joy-filled five years I’ve spent with Ali, from the moment I walked into that hospital room to greet my newborn baby brother, all the way up until now, has seemed like an eternity (and a very well-spent one at that). Me and Fatimah are so lucky to have him as our brother, and there’s no denying how great a son he has been to Mrs Mom and Mr Dad!

For his 5th birthday, I pray that Allah blesses Ali with all the good things He has to offer, and rewards him for the happiness he has given us by showering him with a hundred times the amount of joy he has given! I pray that these five years he has spent with us will only be the first few of many, and that Allah guides him on the right path and he continues to spread joy.

Happy 5th Birthday, Ali! Never stop making people happy…

Your Lalajee,

Omar Mukhtar

2nd July 2020

Back To (Online) School!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t written anything for so long. I’ve been on my Easter holidays and for the 3 weeks, I decided to detox from my laptop, which is why you haven’t heard from me for so long. I got inspired by the letter our Chief Master sent out to us, where she told us all her plans for the 3 weeks, including learning to make her own ice cream and experimenting with cooking out of her comfort zone – fun!

So aside from helping Mrs Mom and Mr Dad with our homeschool, I’ve decided to give Fatimah and Ali some French lessons too, so their normal routine is livened up by something they wouldn’t normally learn. I myself have taken on some new languages to keep myself busy – Swedish and Irish Gaelic. Well, more Swedish than Irish Gaelic, to be honest!

Plus, since we are in lockdown, I thought it would be a good idea to bring some of the outside into the house! So that’s why I’ve been keeping myself occupied with the makeshift indoor garden I’ve cobbled together in the living room! Even my friend has been inspired to start his own indoor garden in his bedroom! So far, he’s got a cactus and a sunflower to take care of. It’s actually quite relaxing and fun to take care of all of them – plus, it compensates for the fresh air we’re not getting coz we get fresh air from the plants too! Other than that, I’ve been working on some more writing projects of my own too…

Many of you have wanted to find out more about my distance learning experience. Well, like I said, I have been on my Easter holidays these past three weeks. As much as we all enjoy an extended holiday, me and my classmates have all been eager for the start of term. We’ve all been missing each other, and we’ve been looking forward for school to start again. But since term officially starts tomorrow, we’ll be able to talk to each other again (online, of course).

And plus, I’ll be able to share more about my online learning journey! So starting from tomorrow, I’ll be back in the routine of having live school lessons and working together with my friends – all from the comfort of my own home, Alhamdulillah! Stay tuned for more posts from me, coz I’ll definitely be updating more about my online learning experience for the students, teachers and everyone else who are curious to know more about my e-learning journey.

Stay safe,

Omar Mukhtar

p/s: How have you been keeping yourself occupied in the lockdown?

Mother's Day 2020

With all the panic about the coronavirus that’s around, it’s easy to forget that Mother’s Day has arrived. Normally, around this time of year, we’d all be busy with preparations for the occasion. But with all the measures being put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19, plus the fact that we’re being encouraged to stay at home, those plans were all thrown to the wind.

However, being told to stay at home has really opened my eyes. Over the past few days, I’ve realised how much effort Mrs Mom is putting in to make the most of our time at home. As all schools are shut in the UK, me, Fatimah, and Ali are staying home. That means it’s going to interfere with our education for the next month – or even more. But Mrs Mom has been working hard to carry on ‘school’ for both Fatimah and Ali. Because Fatimah and Ali could miss out on a lot from their education, she’s created a whole new timetable and using resources from home to homeschool them until further notice. She truly is amazing, organising educational activities to make up for our lost time at school, and doing everything she can to keep our spirits up during this difficult time, despite not being well herself. And of course, she wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of Mr Dad by her side!

When everybody was moaning about how they were going to do staying at home for so long, I wasn’t worried. In fact, neither were my little brother and sister. Because when I thought of the time I was going to be able to spend with my family, suddenly, it wasn’t anything to worry about. Mrs Mom and Mr Dad have always been there for all of us, brightening up our lives. More time at home means more quality time with them, and that’s definitely not something to worry about!

So whilst we’re all stuck at home until who knows when, don’t moan about not being able to go out. Instead, look on the bright side of things! Take time to appreciate those mothers and any motherly figures or any people who have acted as a mother to you when you’re spending time with them over the course of the next few weeks. And don’t just remember these amazing people on Mother’s Day, or even until this period of staying at home is over. We should be grateful for these idols every single day, and we should love them as they have loved us.

And let’s not forget those amazing mothers who have given up their time this Mother’s Day to battle the coronavirus head-on. Those front-liners, key workers, all those who are risking their own health and sacrificing time with their family, those are the true super mothers – may God bless them!

Happy Mother’s Day,

Omar Mukhtar

My Dadajee’s Super Sweet 70th Birthday!

If you were to choose one inspirational person from your life, who would it be? Your mum? Your dad? Your teacher? Greta Thunberg? The world has so many motivational people out there, but it takes someone special to stand out to you personally. For me, that is my Dadajee!

I have always looked up to everyone in my family. My parents, for not only being present in my childhood, but for being involved; my aunt @drauntie.uk, for being an amazing role model; and of course, my Mamajee @adamdidam, for being the bright spark in my life.

But Dadajee is something else altogether. He is all of these things – and more! There are over a million words in the English language, but not a single one can fully describe just how PAWSOME my Dadajee is!

Dadajee has always been the one everyone in our family looks to for advice. They say that with age comes wisdom, but as far as I can tell, wisdom came to him before age did! After all, he was the one that taught Mrs Mom, Dr Auntie, Mamajee, and everyone else the valuable qualities they have today – take, for example, speaking confidently, a skill which Dadajee taught so well it has even been passed on to Fatimah!

So earlier on, I said that there are no words to describe my Dadajee, but if there’s anything that comes close, it would be ‘jack of all trades’! That’s right, Dadajee is multi-talented, and even after knowing him for 13 years, he still never fails to surprise me with his skills. His many talents account for his ever-interesting personality – not a dull moment goes by when you’re with my Dadajee!

But most importantly, my Dadajee is LOVING, KIND, FUNNY and HUMBLE! If there is anyone I would follow in the footsteps of, it is my Dadajee. And what with the loss of our beloved Mamajee, when we were all struggling, Dadajee proved just how CARING he was by holding us all together when the glue that bound us weakened with the loss. Truly, I aspire to be just like my Dadajee when I grow up!

Dadajee’s 70th birthday is certainly a day we all look upon as a day to celebrate not Dadajee’s age, but himself, as a person with a brilliant character! After all, it is not age that defines a person, but their values and characteristics. Dadajee deserves to be celebrated, and we are all very lucky to have him!

Happy 70th Birthday Dadajee! May Allah make this a day full of joy and cheer. May He grant you many more happy, healthy years of life and may He reserve you the highest place in Jannah. Last but not least, I just want to say that I love you with all my heart, just as you are, and that I never want you to change, because you are already PAWSOME!


Omar Mukhtar – Dadajee’s 1st Grandson

p/s: Please come back to visit soon! All of your family here in the U.K. miss you very much…❤️

Feeling Blessed…

Alhamdulillah, what a great way to end the Spring Term! Other than my excellent end-of-term report, me and 3 other students from Year 7 were selected to go to the University of Birmingham to compete in Salter’s Chemistry Festival. And guess what? We won 1st Prize! We were competing against 16 other schools from the West Midlands in a chemistry forensics challenge. We managed to win and we were the only team to gain full marks for our final answers too. And that’s not all, we were among the youngest there! But above all, nothing could beat the proud smiles on my parents’ faces! I thank God for giving me the opportunity to not only represent my school, but to make my parents happy! May God guide me on the right path so that I can continue to make my parents proud and set a good example to my little brother and sister, Fatimah and Ali!


Omar Mukhtar a.k.a. The Pawsome Lion


p/s: Don’t forget to pre-order my first book #MNPOE – buy now or cry later! 😎

My Happy Pills!!

Happy Pills.jpg

I was the only child for 7 years…Then miraculously, God blessed me with a little sister, Fatimah, the #MiracleNumber2. And one and a half years later, God decided to surprise me with a little brother, Ali, the #SurpriseNumber3. They truly are my happy pills – I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

A blessed Lalajee,

Omar Mukhtar a.k.a. The Pawsome Lion




p/s: Tag your happy pills!!

Goodbye Harry Potter…Hello ALI POTTER!


Today, me and my little sister Fatimah brought a special guest onto our show! Ali enjoys role playing, and this time around, he decided to dress up as none other than…Mr ALI POTTER! Harry Potter is one of Ali’s favourite characters, and he loves to dress up as him. However, Mr Ali Potter is a wizard in training and his magic is still a bit rusty, so #TheStruggleWasReal when we tried to interview him! If you love magic, make sure you watch the whole video coz there’s a BIG SURPRISE waiting for you at the end of the show! And if you want to see more of our videos, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel THE FAMILY UK – more vlogs coming your way very soon!

p/s: DISCLAIMER: No people were hurt by magic during the making of this video!

World Book Day

Charles Dickens.jpg

Today is World Book Day! As I see Mr Dad busy preparing costumes for Fatimah and Ali, I can’t help but miss those days in primary school when I dressed up myself. The most memorable costume would have to be the one for World Book Day 2017! I always preferred to be different from other people. I hated those ready-made shop-bought costumes because most of them were Disney cartoon characters. So in 2017, instead of dressing up as a character from a book, I came as…an author! Yes, that’s right, an author! I always believed that I had an author in me somewhere, screaming to get out!

As a big fan of Charles Dickens, I chose to dress up as him during his childhood, the darkest hours of his life, when his family was in debt and his father was sent to prison. He was only 12 years old but he was forced to take up a job in a shoe-shine factory to earn money for his family at this time of his life.

I can clearly remember the night before the big day…

Mrs Mom was really ill at the time, and Mr Dad had his hands full not only looking after her, but Fatimah and Ali too. So there I was, still no costume ready – but I guess I was lucky! If Cinderella has her own fairy godmother to prepare her outfit to the ball, then I too have a fairy god-uncle who came to the rescue! My Mamajee was the one who saved World Book Day! He searched through my wardrobe, looking for something he could work his magic on. He stayed up all night preparing the costume. He even went as far as cutting up gloves and sewing on patches for my trousers one by one!

So here it is, my costume for World Book Day 2017, handmade specially by my PAWSOME uncle! And it’s not just handmade, but handmade with love. It may seem like a normal costume, but really, the love, care, time and effort that has gone into it is what makes it so valuable and heartfelt! And that’s what made this World Book Day one of the most memorable ones!

Sentimental mode on,

Omar Mukhtar a.k.a. The Pawsome Lion




p/s: Since it’s World Book Day, I can’t help but think that if Mamajee was a book character, he would definitely be Gandalf from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ because he is kind, wise and he always has magic up his sleeves! What about you? If you were a book character, who would you choose to be?

Happy Namesake Day!

namesake day

When I was born, some people from Malaysia laughed at my parents for naming me ‘Omar Mukhtar’. According to them, it was a backdated name. They said, “You live in England, why would you give him a name like that?”. The funny thing is that living in England, none of the local people who lived here ever made fun of my name, even at school, students and teachers alike. My parents call me by my full name ‘Omar Mukhtar’, or ‘Mukhtar’ for short. I did choose to be called ‘Mukhtar’ at school too, because ‘Omar’ is also my father’s name and it could get confusing. Even though my friends and teachers found it hard in the beginning to pronounce the name ‘Mukhtar’, they didn’t choose to call me ‘Omar’ just because it was easier for them. They all respected my decision and tried their best to pronounce it. They never call me anything I didn’t want to be called.

I love how my parents named all three of us – Omar Mukhtar, Fatimah and Ali. They didn’t simply just say, “Ooh, ‘Omar Mukhtar’ sounds like a nice name, I’m going to call my son that” no, they named us after the owners of the names, hoping that one day, we might become as great a person as they are – Omar Mukhtar, after the famous Lion Of The Desert; Fatimah, after the beloved Prophet’s daughter; and Ali, after the 4th Caliph. Our parents always reminded us how important our names are and that we must live up to them. They also told us to be proud of our names and never be ashamed of them, even though some people say they are old-school.

Truthfully, I am proud to be named Omar Mukhtar and I respect my parents for naming me and my siblings with such great names – I owe it to them!

Happy Namesake Day,

Omar Mukhtar a.k.a. The Pawsome Lion




p/s: If you can learn to pronounce Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin and many other brand names correctly…then I’m pretty sure you can easily pronounce Omar Mukhtar, FATIMAH and Ali correctly too!!

Fatimah Turns 5!

Dear Fatimah,

You’ve grown one year older, and I’d just like to say

That I wish you a very Happy 5th Birthday!

Oh, how time flies! I can never forget

When I was all lonely and then we first met

You brought a smile to my face, you tickled me silly,

You gave joy to me and the family!

Now you’re all grown up, and I again say,

Happy Birthday! May God make this the best of all days!


Your Lalajee, Omar Mukhtar

a.k.a. The Pawsome Lion