My Tea-dentity!


Today, my tea-mode is still on! So, I’ve decided to write a poem to mark International Tea Day 2015!! Enjoy!!!

My Tea-dentity!

Cuppa tea, Mint Tea, Cha and Chai!

Green Tea, Chinese Tea, Fruity Tea!

Fragrant Jasmine Tea, Honey Tea!

Lapsang Souchong Tea, tongue twisty!

My tea-dentity, bubbly tea!

I say “Let’s chin chin mate”…you say “Jom minum mat!”

Well I say “Let’s chin chin”…tapi you say “Jom minum lah!”

I’m all about my cuppa tea, you love your frothy Teh Tarik!

I take a sip with Mad Hatter, you take your sip at Mamak Stall!

I say please put the kettle on, you say please tarik tinggi tinggi!

I dunk a biscuit in my tea, you enjoy yours with the roti!

That’s our tea-dentity!!

I say “Let’s chin chin bro”…you say “Jom minum bang!”

Well I say “Let’s chin chin”…tapi you say “Jom minum lah!”

Let’s go, drink it ho!

Spread some jam on a scone!

Kettle on, sip it hey!

British Values all the way!

Jom lah, minum lah!

Roti lah, nasi lah!

Tarik lah, mamak lah!

Malaysia, boleh lah!

What’s your tea-dentity?!!!

A poem by: The Pawsome Lion

(Wednesday, 16th December 2015)

*Media Source: Google Images*