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‘Ello ‘ello darlin’! Fancy a cuppa tea? 😀


As usual, today was a normal school day. We had Maths, Literacy yada, yada, yada. So you could say that I have nothing to write about. I might as well tell you about my big project that I’m planning to do next week. Anyway, as I was saying, I do have something to write about! Aha, tricked ya! Miss Javed asked me to write a short paragraph about something called individual liberty. We were learning about individual liberty in one of our lessons. Miss Javed wants me to write this so she can put it up on our SMSC wall. If any of you don’t know what individual liberty is then don’t worry coz I will be explaining what it means. Well, here goes!


Individual liberty

Individual liberty means that everyone is free to say whatever they want and no one can stop them. If you feel that something is wrong then don’t be afraid to share your opinion. We are all allowed to speak freely, only if it doesn’t offend anyone. It is the same with other people too. If you make a decision and someone else says that they think it’s bad, you shouldn’t get into a fight. You should at least consider that person’s opinion and tweak your decision a bit. It doesn’t matter if their idea is good or bad, you should at least listen to them. Don’t forget that we are all human beings and we should be treated the same!


I hope that I’ve told you enough information and that you like it! I look forward to seeing you in the next post!




Pawsome Quotes:

‘If you’re black, then you’re black. If you’re white, then you’re white. If you’re brown, then you’re brown but the same colour or not, we are all equal.’

-The Pawsome Lion

Thurs 19 Nov 2015


p/s: Thank you Karl Pilkington for your Pawsome compliment! 😉

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