A hole in my shoe…

Today was going to be another same old Tuesday. I managed to get myself ready for school early which is very unusual for me. 😀

I said salam to Mrs. Mom, kissed her hand and walked to the door to put my shoes on. Mr. Dad walked past me to start the car. I grabbed my shoes, sat on the stool and…THERE WAS A HOLE IN MY SHOE!!!!!

I couldn’t believe it! It’s only been one half term and there’s already a hole in my shoe? Thank you MATALAN for the “great quality” shoes. Because of this, I had to wear my slip-on, casual shoes. So, I ended up going to school with a pair of navy blue shoes. Luckily, nobody noticed them.

Folio, Matalan Logo, 3

Enough about my shoes now. Every Tuesday after school, I have a Keyboard Club. Now don’t think that we were playing on computers because this is not that type of “keyboard”. 🙂


Today we practiced a song that we learnt before the half term holiday. It was a song called “Lean on Me”. We only knew the first verse but it was already quite good. I don’t mean to brag but I was over the moon to be the star of the class! There was another star but unfortunately, he forgot about the club today. Fortunately for me, I got to be the only star of the class and teach the class on my own. For some people, being star of the class is not really a big deal for them but for me it is a BIIIG deal considering I don’t even have my own keyboard at home. The only keyboard that I have are those computer keyboards. 😉 And yes, the stars of the class get to teach the class.

When the club had finished, Mr. Dad came to pick me up and I went home feeling honoured. Then I told Mrs. Mom about my day and as usual, called Dr. Auntie to update her too.

We all have a time in our lives where we stand out from everyone. This is my great moment. But, as Mrs. Mom always says, “It’s great to achieve something in life. But, the real achievement is how you set an example for people to follow your lead so that they can be successful too! Never consider yourself successful unless you’ve left a big impact in somebody’s life by helping them to climb up the mountain. Life is not all about yourself but how you help others.”

I say, “Together, we can REACH FOR THE STARS!”


p/s: Sorry Mr. Dad, new shoes please! 🙂

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