It’s a No Post Day!

Today, a lot of things was happening at school. I was late for school because Little Miss Diva was having her diva moment and to top it off, the traffic wasn’t helping my situation. Then at school, the fire alarm went off 3 times, JLT (Junior Leadership Team) has started the poppy sales during lunch hours and Maths was MENTAL TORTURE! All this hubbub has made my head hurt so much!! I came home pale looking and feeling sick. 😦

Unfortunately, today is a no post day because Mr. Dad wants to spend time with me watching The Apprentice which we recorded last night. Both Little Miss Diva and Baby ‘A’ are already in bed. I got to go now coz a treat from Mr. Dad is “calling” me… 😀

p/s: Thanks Mr. Dad for the tastylicious Chocolate Profiterole Gateau!