Hey guys! Finally, it’s the weekends. Hooray! Yesterday, someone came to surprise us. It was… Dr. Auntie! All she did was get on board a train, take a taxi and drive up to my house and knock on the door. As soon as Little Miss Diva saw Dr. Auntie, she couldn’t stop rolling around. Anyway, Dr. Auntie came into my house and hugged us all. Baby ‘A’ was smiling up to his ears. As usual, Dr. Auntie had treats for us all (well, at least nearly all of us).


My gift was something that I had been longing for days…weeks…months…years!! It was… MY NAME CARDS!!!!!! πŸ˜€ Yes, you heard me right, name cards for The Pawsome Lion. Dr. Auntie had made these name cards (as shown below) by hand. She designed them, printed them, cut them, stuck them and put them in a box all by herself. And all of them were for me (and my friends, of course!). There were 114 name cards in total.

If any of you have read about the meeting then I’m sorry that the writing isΒ not that PAWSOME. You see, because Dr. Auntie came yesterday, I couldn’t focus properly. I was thinking about partying. So my post turned out to be GRUESOME! πŸ˜›


Today, I gave out the name cards that Dr. Auntie gave to me. Everyone was so amazed. At first, everyone thought that it was a business card but when I told them that they were for my blog, they said, “Ohh!” πŸ˜€


I can’t be too long coz it’s Dr. Auntie’s birthday and she wants to have a movie night with me. We’ve also got a PAWSOME cake for her! πŸ˜›

p/s: Awesome, Moresome, Pawsome…Not Gruesome! πŸ˜‰


*Media Source: Google Images & TPL*