Romeo & Juliet: A Twisted Tale


Romeo was a Montague. Juliet was a Capulet. Romeo and Juliet loved each other. But the Montagues and Capulets loathed each other. They were indeed ‘star-crossed’, as Shakespeare describes it, plagued by bad luck. But old Shakespeare told an embroidered tale, not one entirely true. So listen closely, my friends, as I tell you the real story of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet.

It was a favourite thing of theirs, the lovers, to sneak out of the house every night and meet up at an abandoned tower on the edge of Verona. They’d often fantasise about running away from all the hate and dispute of their families, and live in peace with each other.

The Italian night sky was normally filled with stars, but on this particular night, when Romeo and Juliet met, the sky was dominated by clouds, and there was not so much as a twinkle in sight. From the top of the tower, Juliet looked out at the open land, with its rolling hills, and carpet of green grass, and sighed.

“Oh, Romeo, we’re always talking about how we want to run away and leave this life behind. Why don’t we ever do it?”

Romeo didn’t know the answer to it himself. “It is not the right time yet.” That was all he could say. “But one day we will.”

“Mmm,” Juliet sighed again, “One day.”

They stood next to each other, looking out at the countryside from their tower. Then they heard a scream. They turned around to look at the city, and another scream was heard. They were sure it was coming from the Capulet household.

Juliet normally wasn’t fast on feet, but tonight, she ran faster than ever through the candlelit cobblestone streets. When she reached the house of the Capulets, she pushed open the heavy wooden doors to find her parents, Lord and Lady Capulet, lying on the floor, their lips abnormally blue. They were dead. Beside them, a sobbing man sat on his knees.

“Cousin Tybalt!” cried Juliet. “What’s wrong? What happened to Mother and Father?”

Tybalt, in a shaky voice, replied, “Killed. Poisoned! Someone dared to take their lives, to take your dear Mother and Father…but Juliet, who is that man that stands next to you? Is that not the young son of the Lord and Lady Montague? Why are you with him, Juliet? Stay away! Get out, filth, get out!”

Romeo and Juliet had left the tower in such haste that they had forgotten to hide Romeo. And now they had been seen together, the consequences were going to be far from good. Tybalt stood up and drew a dagger. He menacingly made his way towards the couple, baring the dagger like a set of claws. Romeo edged in front of Juliet, ready for the attack. But an unexpected voice came from behind.

“Romeo, my son, where have you-!?”

Tybalt threw the dagger with great accuracy, and it just missed Romeo, flying past his ear, but instead hitting his mother squarely in the stomach. Her mouth was gaping open in pain, and the black dress she wore became wet and shiny with blood. She fell to the ground, dead.

Romeo was speechless. Anger blinded him, and he ran towards Tybalt, roaring. But Juliet pulled him back, and cried “Please, no, Romeo! No good will come out of more killing!” She pushed Romeo back and pleaded with Tybalt to leave him alone. Romeo gained back his senses, and ran outside to see his mother. Holding back tears, he gave her one last kiss on the forehead.

Just then, Juliet caught a glimpse of a bottle in the folds of Romeo’s clothes. She swiped it from him and read the label.

“Poison?” Juliet was taken aback. “Romeo, why do you have this?”

Romeo looked uneasy. He didn’t answer. Then it dawned on Juliet. “Romeo, you didn’t…you couldn’t have…” She looked back at her parents, lying lifelessly on the floor.

“I had to.” Romeo finally spoke. “If we were ever to marry, then our parents would have been in the way.”

“So what? You killed my parents! Are you planning to kill your father too? I never thought you would stoop so low!” Juliet screamed.

“But Juliet-!”

Whoosh! A piece of flaming wood came flying through the air and landed just metres away from the Capulet household. Then a chair set alight was thrown from one of its windows. The families were trying to set each other on fire.

Juliet couldn’t take it any more. “STOP! Just stop!” She was losing control. Soon, she was in tears, overwhelmed by everything. The trees in the courtyard caught fire, and flaming debris surrounded Romeo and Juliet. Before long, they were sitting in a ring of fire. The flames leaped out at them, and streams of fire were overhead.

Romeo made to comfort Juliet, but she pushed him away. “I’m sorry,” she said through tears, “I just can’t.” The fire grew bigger, and the safe space got smaller. Screams rose from both the Capulets and Montagues. Juliet spoke one last time before the flames swallowed them both.

“Goodbye – forever”

– Juliet’s last words

Moral of the story: No good ever comes from violence.

Author’s note: ‘Romeo & Juliet’ is one of Shakespeare’s greatest works. The story of the two star-crossed lovers from two feuding families is known worldwide, and the tale has influenced me so much that it inspired me to get writing! So here it is, inspired by William Shakespeare himself, my very own version of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ – with a twist!

The Human Race – How Different Are We?

Children Around The World Art.jpg

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

This was a quote by William Shakespeare, and it has a very good meaning behind it.

There are 7.6 billion people on this planet, and we have different backgrounds, culture, heritage, religions, skin colour, eyes, hair, fingerprints, but we have one thing in common: we are one race – THE HUMAN RACE.

Have you been in that situation where you’ve seen someone do something you found impolite, rude, or some other negative thing like that? Well, did you acknowledge the fact that their culture could be much different than yours? Almost every day, someone in the world judges another person without respecting their differences. In my eyes, this is quite cruel and careless, for not only are we judging them, but we are also claiming that they should be the same as us! We are all unique; God has made us this way, and this way is PERFECT!

Speaking of differences, here are some strange customs from around the world.

  • Cutting a potato with your knife in Germany will insult the host of a dinner party
  • In Saudi Arabia, burping after a meal is considered a compliment to the cook
  • In Cambodia, Egypt, Jordan and the Philippines, leaving a little bit of food on your plate is polite; giving back an empty plate will be taken as an insult, suggesting that you were not given enough food
  • To show that you have enjoyed a dish of noodles in Japan or Hong Kong, it is best to slurp loudly whilst eating
  • The Greeks throw baby teeth on their roofs
  • Nicaraguan people point with their lips
  • To ward off evil, people in Greece spit on the bride at a wedding
  • Sikhs wear a bangle all the time, even in the kitchen. Some Sikhs also carry a ceremonial dagger (not intended to harm others, but a sign that they should stand up for goodness)

Shocked? Me too. But, all this goes to show that we all do things for a reason, however strange or contrasted to our customs they may be. So we should all stop judging people and instead show some kindness to them by respecting their culture, customs, religion and basically who they are as a person. So next time, before you are about to judge somebody, remember that each of us is unique, and keep in mind that ‘there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so‘, because if we do, then TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

p/s: What do YOU think about this? Does your opinion differ? Feel free to drop a comment and share your thoughts!

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Pawsome Book Club: Max at Night by Ed Vere

Namaste pawsome peeps! Everything ship-shape?

Once again, I am writing a book review for one of the books from The BFR! Since I have an ADORABLE baby brother and sister, I have decided to review a children’s book this time. I thought that it might be useful for parents that have lil’ bookworms with them! This post is featuring the one and only Little Miss Diva, my 2-year-old baby sister! So, let’s get to it! The book that I have chosen for today is called…Max at Night by Ed Vere!


One of the best things about this book is the front cover. A picture of a cute, tiny cat is all it needs to persuade a toddler to read it!

The main character in this book is called Max and it’s way past his bedtime. He is very sleepy! He is ready for bed and he needs to say goodnight to everyone. When it’s Moon’s turn, Max can’t find him! So he goes on a journey to find Moon but he can’t see him anywhere! Does brave little Max give up? NO!!! He keeps on trying until he reaches the top of the highest of high hills where suddenly, Moon coms into sight! XD Now Max can finally go to bed!

Max at Night is a book that Little Miss Diva and I enjoyed reading. She actually picked this book herself! If your child loves books and they’re getting sleepy, this is the book to take out! Little Miss Diva always likes to read this book when it’s her bedtime, and I’m sure your child will too!

Next, I need to rate this book! If I was to give this book 1 to 5 stars, it would definitely be a…5 star book! YAY!!! The amount of joy that this book brought Little Miss Diva really makes it 5 stars! The words in this book are short and easy to understand and the illustrations really explain the situation. Your toddler will fall in love with this book! If you would like to read this book with your child, visit your local library today and ask about it there!

Parting is such sweet sorrow! 😂 Oh well, that’s the end of this post-for now! Remember to keep on the lookout for more book reviews from my Pawsome Book Club!

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School’s Here!!!


Wagwan pawsome peeps! Hope you’re doing well! As you all know, the Easter holidays have come to an end and it’s the start of a new school term. Since I haven’t written about school for quite a while now, I have decided to write a quick update about what’s going on at school.

As usual, I couldn’t wait to meet my PAWSOME Hazel class again on the first day back. Everyone was in a cheerful mood, especially the ROARSOME duo, Miss Javed and Miss Hussain!


Since it was the start of a new term, we would be starting a new topic. Our topic for this term is all about Natural Disasters. This topic is jam-packed with lots of fun things to learn such as why earthquakes happen, what makes volcanos erupt, how tsunamis form and much more. And, we made great, enormous volcanos out of ordinary plastic bottles that were put on display. Some children also drew life-like pictures of natural disasters. From what I have seen, I guarantee that everyone will enjoy learning about this topic!



Then, on Thursday, something special happened at school. It was…Arts Day! Arts Day is a day that is dedicated to art and design. Each Arts Day has a different theme each year. The theme for this Arts Day was portraits! As usual, there was task for us to complete. We had to create a portrait, collage or sculpture of someone who inspires us the most. Being the typical me, I’m always ready to take on the challenge! So, I made piece of artwork with both me and Mr Dad in it. As part of the artwork, I also created a quote related to father and son. It was:

“My father is the greatest father anyone could have. He gives me love, guidance and he always believes in me.

But the best gift he gave me was teaching me how to spread my wings and fly!”

By: The Pawsome Lion

Thursday 21st April 2016


I presented my artwork in a HUGE frame that looked like a film strip. And like I always say, even if I don’t win, I still tried my best! As a treat, a graffiti artist came visited us and explained to us what graffiti is! He also wrote the school’s initials in graffiti style writing and showed us some of the techniques that are used in graffiti art. The finishing product looked AA-mazing!  The graffiti art was going to be in the middle of our arts display once the portraits that we made at school were finished.


Each year group was also asked to wear a certain colour on that day. This was all part of a school arts piece that we made. Year 4 was asked to wear a blue shirt or dress. Miss Javed and Miss Hussain were both wearing blue tops, blue trousers and even blue hair extensions! For once, they actually looked like twins! When all of the year groups were sitting together, the colours of our clothes made a magnificent rainbow if it was seen from above. Some of the teachers took photos of us and we all can’t wait to see them!


Me and Nimat have also started our very own Handwriting Club! Our aim is to help children develop their handwriting so they have a better chance of earning a pen licence in the future. There are currently 5 children attending the club. From time to time, we also ask some other children to help us run the Handwriting Club because these children can be a handful (if you know what I mean)! At the moment, the club is for Year 2 children and is held three times a week. The club has been going on for more than two months now. We are also hoping to open up to other year groups over time.


There is also some other news that I would like to share with you guys. I have finally got a place in Drama Club! As the name states, this is a club where we act out plays and movies. It is run by Mr Ball, a class teacher in Year 5. The play that we are currently practising is called A Midsummer Night’s Dream written by the well-known William Shakespeare. Surprisingly, I got the lead male role called Lysander! As a coincidence, Nimat is also in Drama Club! She plays the role of the Fairy. Rehearsals are held every Monday after school and Thursday at lunchtime. The actual play will be held in June and we are all very excited about it.


Last but not least, I would like to welcome a new student that has recently joined us. His name is Furqan! It has been around two weeks since he started at our school and has settled in really well. Welcome to Shireland Hall Primary Academy, Furqan! I hope you enjoy your time with us!

I’m afraid that I’ll have to end the post here, guys. But, keep your eyes peeled for the next update about another special day that I’ll be writing shortly! Till we meet again, ciao everybody!

ciao new


P/S: I’m feeling a bit under the weather so it looks like no school for The Pawsome Lion tomorrow, which is like the end of the world for me!

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