Hello World!

Hey pawsome peeps! I’m a groovy little man that is based in Birmingham, UK. You can call me “The Pawsome Lion”. I absolutely adore writing. It has been my thing since I was little. Everyone in my family has supported me and encouraged me to write, especially my dearest Dr. Auntie and my OCD Uncle! Because of my passion for writing, I have decided to start a blog. Since I am only 9 years old, me and my partner, Mrs. Mom, will be working together to make this blog a success! However, all the ideas and writing are a 100% completely my copyright. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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16 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. I’m a proud uncle! I couldn’t ask for more Mr. Pawsome Lion. Luckily you have the most supportive Mrs. Mom that helps you commit in writing awesomely good stuff almost every day =)

    Write moreee pleaseee!

    p/s: I’m not OCD, I’m just organized *living in denial*

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  2. Hey there! Laffy taffy. A good one tho. Perhaps a 9years old boy could have write this. OMG! You amazed me boy. Well, your OCD uncle would be very proud of you. Keep it up! Lotsa support from Princess 😉

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  3. Hi Pawsome Lion!!!

    enjoy reading your blog. great blog,

    Ummi ieya also love to write blog but i,ve not been actively writing coz I was busy with my work

    keep it up on writing & gud luck my dear nephew,

    P/s : do u remember me? 😀

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    • Hi Ummi Ieya! I’m so glad to hear from you. Thank you very much for your support. I really appreciate it. Good to know that we share the same passion.
      If I can be honest, I don’t remember you. However, I do know you because Mr. Dad has only one elder sister. Please don’t be upset because no matter what, you are still my auntie! 🙂
      Now that I have my own blog, we can communicate with each other easily. Hope you can visit me soon.


      • it doesn’t matter mukhtar :-), You’re still a little boy when I visited you.
        maybe someday i’ll visit you there , Insya Allah

        Good luck!

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      • I have saved your blog into my Favourites on Mozilla browser at work so will be following your adventures on a daily basis from now on! Hope you are feeling better today 🙂 I was watching the Apprentice last nigh too, what a coinsidence! 🙂 Miss you all so much xx

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  4. Hey there TPL! I am Auntie Iwa. I got your blog link from your uncle on Facebook. And what do you know! I’ve read all your posts within minutes. I love how you’re enthusiastic in every post! Please keep writing TPL coz I surely look forward to read more! When I was a couple of years older than you are now, I had my own website where I wrote fiction on it – fan fiction of my favourite band at that time to be precise and I had visitors all over the world reading my fan fiction! It was just PAWSOME! But what you are doing now it super pawsome coz you’re only 9!!! I still can’t brain that you know? So proud of you little man!

    Catch you another time TPL! I didn’t want this comment to be THIS long but I’m unstoppable once I start writing – or rather, typing. I used to have a blog called Orang Type Banyak! (that in Englishw ould be One who Types A LOT hehe!)

    I now write in Malay (it’s my first time to do so!) on a collaborative blog called 7senarai. We aim to write only beneficial articles to share with the world in 7 points! Can you read in Malay? If you do, do visit my link okay and tell me what you think. Teehee

    Okay TPL, this doesn’t looks so good. I’m already at the 4th paragraph so toodles! Have a great week with your family and friends!

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  5. Hi Mr. Pawsome Lion. Such a lovely blog from you. Reading with a smile on our face because they are so funny and creative :). Will always looking forward your update. Heard that you really don’t like MATHS. I suggest you to learn MATHS with Umi Nisa as she is a good and nice MATHS teacher. Hak3.. Keep your good writing. Make us proud !!!.

    Best regards,
    Ami Nih & Umi Nisa & becoming Baby

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    • Hi Ami Hanif! Thank you very much for your support. I really appreciate it. No, I do like Maths. I like all subjects in school. I’ve improved in Maths since I moved to my new school. I will definitely seek Umi Nisa’s help if I am ever stuck in Maths. I hope that you can come and visit me (with the new baby of course)!


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